D4K triple channel version will be available soon.



I was seeing if you maybe would consider or had any plans to do a version of your awesome K1 with the new and very impressive CREE xhp50.3 HI

It is a very high luminance LED that I have used in a couple lights now and it comes in 4500k tint with 90CRI. Of course it is compatible with your 12v xhp35 HI driver.

I think it would be a big hit, the led is capable of nice even tint and high output.

And the only necessary changes would be a new mcpcb and centering ring, I believe you could use your sbt90.2 reflector for it with a newly designed centering ring.

I hope this is a consideration.

Also, in your dm11 this would be a nice option too!

4500k and 90 CRI is a good combo for the average user. Not too warm, not too cool, and HI CRI.

+1 on the 90CRI NW K1!

Finally made an account just to say I hope the off white color pictured is available on the new light. Is that a coating or the result of not coating? Either way I think it looks great.

KR4 TI sandwashed version in stock,

Is there any roadmap to update the D18 with aux leds?

There was just such an aftermarket part made a few years back. No idea if it’s still a going thing.

Hello toykeeper I have the D4SV2 I was wondering why the rainbow run-through doesn’t show the whitish color is this normal…thanks for all the hard work you have done for us all to enjoy

Yes, normal. White would look weird in the cycle as it's much less saturated than the proper colors. I've never seen white as a color in any RGB "rainbow style" cycle.

We have produced 25 pcs B35AM version D4S V2, about 2300lm on high mode, using frosted optic only (since the clear optic has black hole in the center of the beam), please be noted that those are small batch which will be discontinued as soon as they are sold out due to the high cost of the LEDs.
It’s $20 more expensive than the XP-L HI version D4S V2, please order the XP-L HI version on the site, and send $20 to contact@intl-outdoor.com via paypal, there are muliple CCT options (which is the DM11 B35AM LED & tint options)

Wow that looks amazing!

What kind of driver and amperage does it use? 6V with B35AM in parallel or 12V with B35AM in 2x parallel 2xseries?

Also do you have an estimate on when the Nichia 519a will be available?

Love the B35AM, so this is a must have self-indulgence :smiley:

Just tried ordering, but it seems the duplicate invoice error is still present: “PayPal gateway has rejected request. Payment has already been made for this InvoiceID (#10412: Duplicate invoice”. Also send a mail describing this problem.

Invoice issue persisted, but Hank replied by email fast and all’s well now.

Can anybody explain the characteristics of the D4S with this emitter versus most of the other emitter options on Hank’s site? With the frosted optic, will it be a monster flooder with little throw? Is this emitter high or low cri? Color temp? Sorry for the newbie questions. I wish Hank would weigh in with whether he might ever consider putting a single SBT90.2 in the D4S.

I expect this to be very floody with the frosted optic. The B35AM is not a high power thrower, but high CRI and clean (my main reasons for loving this emitter). Multiple temperatures available (2700 to 5700K, so DM11 for entire list).

Checked with Hank. This B35AM D4SV2 is using a 12V/2A boost driver, just like the XHP35 HI driver used on DM11. The four emitters are configured as 2S2P, meaning 6V/1A per emitter.

Very tempting. Seems like the B35AM potential using this driver is very underdriven given the maximum constant rating of the LED for B35am is 1.8 amps. Ideally would be using a 3.6 A 12v driver for nearly twice the power.

The 6V boost driver is 3.6A which would result in 0.9A per emitter, so the XHP driver is slightly more current per emitter. Can’t expect a new driver, just for a batch this small.

Checked a single B35AM @1.05A (Convoy 3A driver at 35%) and that’s not too bad at all (indoor). And there’s 4 of them in the D4Sv2, so…

Is switch backlight possible on the B35AM D4SV2?

Yes, it’s possible, just let us know the order number, it will be fine.

My pocket just got damaged this morning due to Hank. 3000k mix with 4000k.

Yea, my pocket too, four 2700k is the right for my night table ;-)