D4K triple channel version will be available soon.

I was really hoping for a 2x 14500 side by side like the Wuben X-2 but with two LEDs and dual channel. For this right angle design I'd personally prefer if it came with 6V boost driver by default (possibly supporting 1.2V NiMH?), since 14500 doesn't give a lot of runtime and two emitters + efficient driver would help with that a lot.

It’s extremely compact inside, I’m afraid it’s impossible to replace the emitters after assembling.

Anyway, we do have the spot and frosted optic to choose, customers can request any type of the optics to be installed, but it’s impossible to
change the optic after assembling.

It’s about 90mm.

My fingers must be fatter than yours. :slight_smile:

When do we learn the rest of the details about this new light?

Hank, do you happen to have a 32mm mcpcb for triple 3535? I see that the D4SV2 is about that size, but quad. Someone was looking for a board in this thread: Is there a triple copper mcpcb 32mm for 3.5x3.5 size available?

We used to have it, but it’s out of stock and discontinued.

Ok, thank you.

Interesting 14500 light! Planned to be AA NiMH compatible?

It’s a shame the slots for the head strap silicone rings are far down the body, the light from the end channel is quite off centre.

Just when I thought I wasn’t going to get any more headlamps/angle-head lights…

NiMH would be a significant appeal to me as well given that I’m absolutely lousy with them and I’m not looking for peak output on anything that’s 1xAA/14500.

It does look to be a very tight design. Guessing that threadlocking is necessary for retention?

In my experience with right-angle lights that also switch-hit as headlamps the off-center orientation is mostly an issue when using the switch and occasionally for exceptionally up-close work - otherwise goes unnoticed.

Got any 26800 lights in development? Any consideration towards designing an LEP hanklight?

Oh my! Impossible to change, says he! Sounds quite like a challenge! :smiley:

So when 519A 5700 will be back in stock?

While not quite what you asked, the DM1.12 can be purchased with a 26800 body and there’s a D4SV2 26800 tube available.

Came across a topic on reddit that says that Hank’s boost driver can be quite easily modified to squeeze 2.5amps per led with almost the same efficiency

u/m4potofu also gives inductor versions which you can swap to get 3a per led.

Considering that Hank stubbornly ignores all my questions in this thread and on reddit about the development of his boost driver I think he just wants to get rid of the huge stock of old components in his warehouse. Of course this is his business but I think it’s not really fair to the community. :question:

He doesn’t stubbornly ignore, in case you didn’t notice he rarely checks in and replies here, he’s too busy, email him for special requests

Exactly, anytime I email him with a question, I have an answer that day.

Anytime I reach out to Hank my wallet loses weight…

Edit: Shhhhh! My wife thinks it’s me! :wink: lol

does D4V2 have low voltage protection?

this cell was used: Vapcell 18350 M11 1100mah 9A - Vapcell batteries and Chargers

it was probably used in normal operation until it got low, and then it sat idle (with aux lights on) for quite some time. a month or more, maybe.

the cell was at 2.3V. is that normal? i have boost driver.

the cell was purchased this year. i did a capacity test on it, and it tested good (skyrc MC3000 charger) — almost as good as new.
do you think the cell is damaged? should i discard it for safety reasons?

edit: apparently since it’s not ICR chem, it is safe to use?

If I recall correctly the auxiliary lights run outside of the low voltage protection, so the auxiliary lights can indeed eventually run a cell lower than recommended. It’s our job to practice proper maintenance.

Most of my lights with auxiliaries are set to display while in active status and be dark in lockout for this very reason.

Love the Emisar lights but not crazy about these colors.

I am sure I am the minority.