D4K triple channel version will be available soon.

Thanks for the measurements, pretty good results :+1:

Do you currently work on something new Hank? Any news about the 14500 flashlight? And do you consider doing a D1SV2 with 21700 tube in the future?

This is very cool, some of the best designs I have seen in TI before. Congratulations!

Hi Hank!
Could you please tell me, do you plan to update your boost driver? I really want to have increased efficiency and not cut off turbo mode at the same time. Maybe boost + Fet or a new inductor?
To be honest when I heard about the new d4k development I expected you to modify the body enough to accommodate a larger inductor and give more than 2Amps per LED.
In addition, Jack firefly will soon release new flashlights with the updated Lume X1 driver which looks very promising.
You may also heard about the development of a new driver from thefreeman. Maybe you plan to take some ideas from these projects or already in the process of developing an updated driver?
Please share your plans on this topic, for me personally, it’s much more interesting than the new battery sizes and case colors.
Thank you!

<< Lume X1: 40W Single-Cell Boost Driver with Anduril2 and UDR >> -Lume X1
thefreeman’s HDR Anduril 2 high efficiency drivers - update : FWxA boost driver -Freeman’s project

What about after they settle? Say about 10-20 minutes in?

Not a fan of titanium for flashlights due to poor thermal properties, but that Crackle is gorgeous!

Hi, yes, it will be a 2 LEDs dual channel 14500 light.

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Now we just need 21700 tube for D1v2...

Any photos you could share with us or is it too early to ask for that?

I did calculated it earlier, it's not physically possible, the head opening is to small. The walls would have to be 0.3mm or thinner.
It have to be new model, with new bigger head opening, that isn't compatible with the normal D4v2 tubes (just like in the D4K case).

Hello Hank!

When can we expect red copper version of D4K 21700? Can you please tell what driver is a standard one for 519A D4K?

Yes, exactly... :)

D4KTi COLORFUL Circuit, the color is dark gray at beast (nowhere near blue), look neet either way.

is there any reason, the D4KTi COLORFUL Circuit doesn't have the blue marking on the copper head, as in the promo pictures?

The "promo pictures" all have this

I’m very excited to hear more about this!

Not sure where you got the original picture you posted with the 5 lights that appear more blue, but the picture Hank posted shortly after looks pretty much like how your received light looks. Looks like that other photo is over exposed or some other post processing.

it was the first official photo, on the site, from D4KTi COLORFUL.
The link is directly to the intl-outdoor


Other photos, are not so blue, but still little over saturated.

EDIT: here comparison in a daily light, with blue sky and all

Same here! I would love a 14500 flashlight from Hank! :+1:

Dear Hank
Could you please tell me what is going there with 519a 5700k
I see sm573 leds are no longer available for d4v2
When it will be back in stock?
Also which version it will be? The new nichia V1 update? Is there any information on them especially about tint?

Looks like they might have pulled that photo from the site. That is a great picture of it that you posted and really shows the detail. I agree, its not the same color as the original picture, but its still a very cool looking light. I’m really thinking about getting a “crackle” version.