D4V2 Ti Potential LED button issue.

My most recent D4V2 Ti has very low output of the leds in the lower brightness setting, it is very noticeable compared to another D4V2 Ti and a D4V2 Cu.

I have tried it with an 18650 body tube and with the same fully charged Sony VTC6 batteries in the other two copper head D4V2s. I’ve been on the fence about this, whether to take issue with it with Hank or just accept it. Just looking for some opinions on this button anomaly.

Seriously, I’ve been drooling over one of those for sometime. My desire of wanting has not overcome my desire of not spending that kind of money. I pull up the website and I’m like Wayne in Wayne’s World where he lusts over the guitar (“OH YES” he says, “SHE MUST BE MINE”). I think you may have pushed me over the top. Beautiful picture! Sorry to be of absolutely zero help on your question if it was me and as long as I could see it in the dark, it’s prime function, I’d be good.

What are drivers installed in them?

All three pictured have the same default driver.

Anyone else had this issue?

It happens only in the button or in the AUX leds too?

Only the button LEDs, all else functions as expected.