D52 (D53?) Drop-ins at DX

I saw this on the What's New pages at DX. There were several very similar heads like this:


What kind of host would this fit in? Just full-size Mags? Could I just buy a 3-cell Mag and put this in there or would there be other modifications required?

Something I've wondered about myself. Then remembered I had an LED dropin for the Ultrafire WF-500 (Which I must swap the LED in for a Q5 I have lying around) and on measuring it I think this may be intended for the WF-500 though the current draw will be fearsome and I doubt many protected 18650s will work with it. Probably need IMR cells for the best output.

What host would i put this in ? would it be worth buying or would it be better to by a dedicated flashlight..

I'm pretty sure it is intended to go in the Ultrafire WF-500 instead of the incandescent assembly it comes with.


You can also get a single LED dropin for it - I have one but it is something like a P4 LED in it.

http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.7039 - I have a Q5 to put in this, but I’ve never got around to doing the swap.





Nice i know what next months purchase will be then !! guess i'm going to need some IMR 18650 cell to run that sucker then !!

Best bet - you'd get away with unprotected 18650s which are cheaper, but the IMRs are safer. I'm guessing that the 5 LED dropin is running 4-5 amps from the cells - runtimes will probably not be long. I doubt the claimed lumen ratings but it will be extremely bright. Probably a beam pattern like the Romisen RC-T6 which has a few beamshots scattered around this site.



Or like the Ultrafire WF-1200 that Ted reviews here.


The drop-in looks the same as what is in the Trustfire TR-1200. I wonder how well this thing deals with heat?


This is different than my Ultrafire WF-1200L where the pill screws into the throat, even though the lights look pretty similar on the outside.