dang.. i just bought a 7 LEDS new light, now the new Solar Storm 7 LEDS is already on sale??

shoot… just when I thought i’m done buying light for this year… now Solar storm 7T6 came out on sale… aarghh…
sheesh… and i just bought this BORUIT Z-001 7 LEDS
aargh… it never stop…must… control… :heart_eyes:

That Boruit looks good :slight_smile: I prefer the 3 x 18650 over the 6 x 18650 of the Solar storm.

I just bought a U3, C8, man are they bright. And I just ordered some bare XML2 emitters from


some torches are just using U2s, now there are U3s and now there are the new XML2s, so it is like computers, buy one today, it is old tomorrow… :~

New XML2


Look at this one :stuck_out_tongue:


9500 lms?? Even the manufacturer says 2500 lms. Ridiculous.

C8 from lightmall is out of stock… thanks to you lol :slight_smile: