Darkvim - ITP A1 "inspired" on the horizon


Yeah. A pity it uses xr-e while the original uses xp-e. Lets hope it will available soon at the usual suspects. Maybe more "itp inspired" lights will follow. :-)

But.. "darkvim"..? Not as bad as Suterfire but not a nice name either, imho.

Name makes me laugh - Vim was the cleaner we tended to use for removing crud from lab glassware. The thought of Dark Vim appeals to me a lot.

Nice find phlowcus, thanks! I also hope more ITP rip-offs will follow. I haven't bought an ITP yet because I'm too tight.

Darkvim.... The geek in me makes me think of the following Unix program "vim", which certainly is dark:

Not available for Spain, but I prefer the original...

For a few dollars more you have higher quality, a XP-E Q5 (or R2 in the SS), 190 lumens and especially 3 modes with NO stobe.

Seems a bit expensive to be a copy or at least not much difference in price with the original.

Hi Lo strobe - They never learn .... Wont waste my money on it ...

Real ITP has Hi med Lo ....

And the most important thing is missing ... the clip.

Yes! clip missing.... and I prefer a copycat of the A3 eos

and its out of stock, so no one can get it anyway.

Speaking of clips, how did you guys get those push on clips (like the one for the ITP A3 EOS) on the flashlight without gouging the hell out of the torch? My A3 has gouges on it from installing the clip. Frown

So does mine.

This is why I went with the Maratac AAA SS BB - no gouging.

Taken off the clip serveral times - for pseudo-headlamp-baseball-hat-configuration:

I just got the stainless A1, like it so far. I think gouges shouldn't be a problem with the stainless steel but you can always buff it out if it happens. I would never use clips. I always remove them where posible. These lights are small, stick them in your pocket. I use my A1 as a key chain, a clip would just make it tangle more easily.

They have no stock and don't list a price. How much were they selling them for?