Darn, the flashlight hobby is no longer doing it for me.

Well I have the HIDs which are bright (actually !Q@$!@# bright in the LED world) but i need something that is also bright in the LED world, budget light range of course. (you know, such things go out of fashion, it's really just for fun)

The DRYs and J12 are bright, Xtar S1 and TK70 are decent. Have them all. But I need a somewhat properly driven light like from say a 9 x XM-L at at least 1.5A each so at least the heat is manageable in the current usual form factors. Well there is none.

No new developments to cover the ground as well. We need something that is significantly more efficient than XM-L. Where is the XB-D? And there is another one called XT-E? (sp).

Boring.... :evil:


Budget light brudder.... There seems to be a limit at the driver electronics area, so might have to do it like the DT-20 night owl style, dual heads, enough space for 2 drivers in parallel as well. Naturally you need to use 26650s.

maybe looking for someone who can custom build you one will help?

There isn't much else, you got them all!! Haha.

Yeah, the only thing would be a custom made light I guess.

You can always take a look at some nice knifes on exduct

Guess what happened to me

All I can say is I wish I owned the assortment of lights you listed, jealous.

Ugh...look at this. 70mm bezel, great for 7pcs of XM-L. Crap driver. I wouldn't mind if it's 60 bucks shipped, but it's not.


How about expanding your application(s)? Spring is here in the northern hemisphere... Night hikes, night-geocaching, cycling, soft-air and real firearms if your country allows it. If you're in the tropics, time to upgrade your dive/snorkel light for a new season. If your local law enforcement agencies have openings for SAR volunteers, thats another great way to put your lights to good use... and you will be contributing to a greater cause.

I love going out on night hikes, the wild life comes out to play and its where I really get to evaluate my lights and my DIY handy-work in the field. Often times my favorite around the house light is my least favorite light out on the trails. Oh yeah, bring a UV light (you do have one of those right?) to spot scorpions... they come out to play too along with the skunks, and things get really interesting and exciting at the same time. Ever confront the business end of a skunk at 3 meters?... that gets the heart pounding harder than anything flashlight related.

I go out on a night-jog every other night with a zebralight headlamp to light up the ground and an Xtar TZ20 or a Malkoff M60-6P to see farther out. Its enough light without weighing me down much. Usually I am on the lookout for dogs that could bite me.

I'm warming up the lathe for your custom.

Well you could take up another hobby. Knitting, Crochet, Macrame, Knife Throwing, Build realistic Model Ships, Making beer, making Beef Jerky for the beer, Flying Kites, Fishing. Tongue Out

Just trying to help, you understand.Wink

That’s where your new astronomy hobby comes in! Nothing is brighter than the stars (except a Quasar). Just think of the telescope as a “thrower” in reverse :slight_smile:


"Making beer, making Beef Jerky for the beer, "

dont forget makin bacon and Barbequing

Its time to stickytape all your flashlights together.

Now, that's funny! Can't wait to see that! Lol!

Well, I think I have THE answer for you.

Try Night Vision.

I have TK70 and other bright lights and in the end it's all junk compared to my Gen. 3 64lp/mm NVD (sorry TK70, I still love you!).

We're not talking about budget here, also not about anything light emitting but absorbing but hey, you said you're tired of what you already know, right?

Time to buy some new glass! Or a new body! :)

LOL, thanks for your recommendations...but none can be done over here except cycling. Air soft is not allowed even!

It may sound strange, but i actually prefer budget lights, or more like bang for the buck lights. :D

Actually I did try to mix the 2 together, tried to view the hotspot of the DBS aspheric at a distance of 1km.

Still waiting for the next big LED!

You can also give us some of your lights as presents, so you will have some lights to cover again haha.

yavi, do you like mascletas? I love them!