DavidEF's entry for 7th Annual BLF Old-Lumens Scratch-build contest!

Hand-made category.

Nothing to see... yet. (EDIT: Still nothing yet, but since the contest has now officially started, I'll be doing something soon.)

I just wanted to be the first to start my build thread.

Truth is, I'm getting anxious. The contest has been starting later each year. Last year it started at the beginning of September. Now, it's already September 17th and no mention of a contest yet for this year.

I've bought lots of new components and parts recently. I didn't get to join last year, and I really missed it. I've been waiting for this year's contest for a whole year.

_the_ if you're watching, I'm really hoping to see a contest start soon.


Disqualified! for starting early. :smiley:

Premature hand job :smiley:

I was afraid that might happen! :person_facepalming: :cry:

I’ll start mine now and have it finished by the time the 2023 contest wraps up.


:smiley: :sunglasses:

Ya’ had me thinking I had missed something……………. :frowning:

That was kinda the point. Well, not to get you confused, but to bring awareness that it's getting late, and to get -the-'s attention if possible.

I just started poking around, thinking the contest should have started already. I was worried that I might have missed something as I’m not here as often as I used to be. But I’d still love to participate in this year’s contest if we have one! I hope we don’t drop this great tradition. :frowning:

I am still waiting for last years winnings lol, I’ll laugh but seriously show me the money!

I was considering trying to participate this year (it would be my first scratch-made ever, not just for the contest) but I closed on a house Monday, so…
I’ll spectate, and plan for next year! I’ll have room for a proper workshop now, though.

Oh ouch! I just received my prize (Wuben TO50R) a couple weeks ago (I think they had some unfortunate production setbacks).

Yea ill never get mine oh well. Its okay its not about the prize its about the community.

Moose also had issues Gearbest paying up, Hopefully they don’t sponsor us again lol.

Maybe that’s why this years build hasn’t started because of the issues with TO50R, Maye the is busy.

Weekend Bump. Still hoping to see something from _the_ about a contest this year.

Looks like you’re in with a good chance of winning the handmade catagory :person_with_crown:

:person_facepalming: :cry: :weary:

I would compete …

Me too… :smiling_imp: :innocent: :smiley:

WooHoo! Contest has started! Now, to decide on a project… :smiley: