DBC-05 Triple XHP-50.2 Scratch Build !NOW XHP-70.2!

Oh, by the way, it weighs 2.61 lbs (1184 grams) with 2 Efest purple 3500mAh 26650’s inside. :wink:

Thanks for the build thread Dale. Your light is a real winner and looks amazing. Keep up the excellent (machining) work. :slight_smile:

Very nice. I like the look of the head.

I wish I could knurl em like you do my friend, maybe some day…

Wow Dale, that looks great… God I really want a lathe, going to look at an Atlas Heavy 10 with collets, good adjustable 3 and 4 jaw heads and a multi-tool holder this weekend. The fella also has a very clean Bridgeport knee mill with DRO and all are set up for single phase operation.

These look like they’d power that light nicely:

HKJ actually melted his battery holder before the cell’s amperage was maxed out!

So where can I find those? I wanna melt something! :smiley:

Well just awesome!
so cool these really build from stock bars projects, but so far out of reach for us mere mortals :wink:

Couple of years ago I was bolting bar stock to my drill and using a rotary tool to cut out what I wanted. Now I use the 10x22 lathe in much the same manner. lol
All Professionals are trained amateurs. Everybody starts somewhere, me? I just have to keep starting with my horrid memory…

I make my share of mistakes, like when I was making this simple spacer with one step to go between the retaining ring and pcb of the switch… in that last split second when you expect the part to fall in your hand it does the unexpected and flips over, jamming the lathe to a complete stop and mangling the last 30 minutes of careful work. And so it goes…

Looks sweet pal! More like a piece of art than a torch.

Shame you cant buy many unorthodox designs (i’d love to turn one but i don’t have access to the equipment)

Gorgeous job once again Dale!! You need those SAM 21700's. Can you make be a 3Px2S 21700 battery tube for my 16X?

Wow this has to be my fav of all your scratch builds. The looks is just awesome. You really gone a long ways, I can totally see the improvements in design and total build.
Keep up the great work!

Ahh beautiful, making me really want one of your customs!

Tom, that’s something I have yet to learn. Offset turning. I have the 6” 4 jaw chuck and the offset plate but don’t know how to set it all up. Figured I’d get there one of these days but haven’t so far. Maybe MRsDNF will take another vacay and swing by and show me how all that works. :wink: I could of course run up to North-West Texas and get Dan to walk me through all that.

Its not as hard using a four jaw chuck as it seems Dale. Some marking out and a centre pop where the centre of the hole is. With a centre in the tailstock run it up to the work piece and adjust the jaws until your centre pop mark is central to the centre in the tailstock.

We have all watched what you can do dale and I have 100% faith in your abilities to be able to do this. You are a natural. :+1:

Super nice work Dale!! Thanks for sharing the build. TL

So much amazing goodness going on in this build.

Wow, this is amazing!

Wow, if you hit 12 A it will only be briefly as the cells drop to 3.6V almost immediately. :person_facepalming: silly me, might get more than an hour at 12 A.

The talent on BLF never ceases to amaze me , amazing stuff……………wow