DD4.com sending private messages

I received this message in my in box……just wondering if the board allows this type of solicitation……

Dear Administrator,
Good day to you!
This is Joyee from DD4.com. Our store’s brief introduction as below:
DD4.com is an online e-commercial website offering Worldwide free shipping about consumer electronics, computer accessories, video games, iPod & iPhone accessories, flashlight and communications products in stock at unbeatable prices and ready to ship at lightning-speed.
Our store is the same type like Dhgate、Dealextreme and focalprice. To be honest, we have the same suppliers. But our shop have its own specialties:
Faster shipment: We ship products in 1-3 working days once payment arrived.
Better price : Our website can provide lower price for some of products, especially electronics.
quicker support: All customers’ tickets can be answered in 24 working hours. Once problems occurred, they can be resolved soon.

Now,we ’d like to establish business relationship with you .We hope you can make a post of our products.For the reward,we will send it to u for free as a reward or compensation in $ for your request.
I am looking forward to your early reply.
Kind regards,
Joyee from DD4 Operation Department



As spammers learn that their spam topics get shot down very quickly here, now they are resorting to PMing their spam to us ?

Maybe a PM block for new users until a certain amount of non Spam posts has been reached, Not sure… :~

A good idea, have new members post a minimum (10 or 20?) replies to regular established topics before they get full access ?


Did you report it to an admin?

I got the same one…I just told them no thank you

I’ve received the same message. Twice

Based on my groupbuy experience, few people have registered just to participate in it, so not the best idea i’d say :slight_smile:

Maybe add “Spam” button to PMs as well and if user pms get marked as spam by say 20 different members with 2 days period he’s ability to pm members is disabled


A really goodly thing this.

20 posts like that? No? How do you police it? Minimum post requirements usually encourage meaningless posts cluttering up the joint.

Chinese companies would do so much better if they would just post straightforwardly about what they want. You want exposure? Be honest about your intentions. Find some folks willing to do honest reviews and send them lights without any expectations of bias…and certainly do not call it a “business relationship”.

And their website is horrible…has very few, mostly older lights. They approached me wanting me to review the Jacob A60. A good light, but this thing is old and everyone knows all about it, so what’s the use? They also have terrible descriptions, and many products are 2-3 times the price of their competitors.

Thanks MusicMagic,that one made me laugh

What I am wondering is the “dear administrator”
Maybe they have thought you are da man here…that would be no problem.
The question is how many messages did they send one, two, three or a dozens. Spam means more than ten for me, all below seems to be legit to make new relationship to a new forum.

the price of the a60 was nice, if all goes well and they can sometimes make such deals I wouldn’t mind them as a new seller.

Spam doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. I just hit the delete button.

Speaking of Spam, I’m hungry! ;), Yum :bigsmile:

Ooops, I just saw this thread. The user “Joyee” was banned for PM spam. In the future please do send me a PM as soon as possible with the exact username if you receive an unsolicited commercial PM. Thanks to everyone for their vigilance!

Thank you SB