De-Amazon my Fire HD 6

I’ve never used kingroot myself. I read that the desktop version may flash a recovery image but I saw no mention that the app will touch your bootloader or recovery. But I do entirely understand not being happy giving a close source ( / black box) app permission to gain root. Doesn’t help that it’s from china.

I can’t use the desktop version of KingRoot. Firefox refuses to save the file to disk even though I’ve long ago disabled any kind of virus scanning. Still says ‘Blocked: May contain a virus or spyware’.

I haven’t tried yet, but will I be able to sideload the .apk, since the stock OS doesn’t even have an option to allow apps from unknown sources? After I figure out what sideload is, that is. I have a faint idea but that’s all.

(Google’s customers are the device manufacturers, and we are the product Google’s selling. That’s the part that pisses me off.)

edit: Ah! Found the ‘unknown sources’ thing under Security, not Apps like it should be.

edit2: D’oh, I can install .apks from the tablet itself. Double tap. Long press, like in normal Android, does nothing.

OK, I have root, via the shadiest program in the world. Verified with SuperSU and the Debloat tool. Of course, while it was wifi-enabled Amazon found it and gave it an update I had no way yet to block or prevent from installing. So it upgraded itself to 5.1.1, which unrooted it, so I re-rooted again.

But the Debloat tool doesn’t work. It says it did, but the packages are still there in the list and showing as unblocked when I re-scan after making changes (even if I select ‘remove’ instead of just ‘block’). Debloat tool claims it doesn’t even need root to do this. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Even though Debloat tool was granted su when it asked for it, it didn’t work. Had to do it through adb. FFS.

The System Updates page now shows ‘Your software is up to date’ all the time instead of when it last checked.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot\>adb shell shell@ariel:/ \$ su root@ariel:/ \# pm disable Component {} new state: disabled root@ariel:/ \# pm disable Package new state: disabled root@ariel:/ \# cd /system/priv-app/DeviceSoftwareOTA root@ariel:/system/priv-app/DeviceSoftwareOTA \# ls -a DeviceSoftwareOTA.apk root@ariel:/system/priv-app/DeviceSoftwareOTA \# mv DeviceSoftwareOTA.apk DeviceSoftwareOTA.apk\_ root@ariel:/system/priv-app/DeviceSoftwareOTA \# ls -a DeviceSoftwareOTA.apk\_ root@ariel:/system/priv-app/DeviceSoftwareOTA \# - root@ariel:/ \#

Boy, that kingroot, with it’s from “the cloud” crap. I don’t know why xda members are happy with that.

In the xda thread they said kingroot would work on 5.1.1 as well as 5.0.1. So it looked like it wouldn’t be a problem if amazon hit you with an update before you could root and block it. Glad it went ok.

Looks like you got the amazon screensaver ads and update system blocked. :beer:

That ‘blue shade’ tutorial, what’s the end result there? Still the same Amazonified OS just with Google apps? The OS has to be reflashed after flashing the google stuff? Or is it 5.1.1 converted into something more Android-like? I really have no use for any of the Amazon features.

No boot problems yet or other errors popping up. BT still works (tested on my Asgard-drivered Maglite) and I can leave WiFi enabled now.

Not too clear on it. Looks like the tutorial might be how to upgrade to Fire OS 5.1.1 (aka Bellini with “blue shade”) with root included in it and use custom recovery (twrp) to install the xposed framework app and gapps (google play store + some google apps). Or anything else you might want to do in twrp. Amazon has made running twrp difficult. It seems this was before kingroot was found to work on 5.1.1.

So, if someone is starting with rooted 5.1.1 and wants to get a more generic Android UI (via something like Google Now Launcher to replace the Amazon crap), that means installing GAPPS which can only be done from recovery, and the stock recovery won’t do that, so it has to be replaced with TWRP?

There’s no guides written recently enough to cover this situation that I can find, everybody’s stopped working on it and it’s all out of date and I’m more likely to just break things. I don’t know enough to tell which parts can be skipped or don’t apply.

It looks like you can replace the amazon launcher with this script [FireOS 5.x + ROOT] Quickly switch to Amazon UI and back: | XDA Forums But if you want to switch to the Google Now Launcher I recommend you also install an extra launcher like Nova before doing the switch. I’ve read that the google launcher can sometimes have a problem in Fire OS and if you don’t have a backup like Nova installed you can get stuck or screwed.

I don’t think the google launcher requires gapps to be installed. I’ve always used Nova myself.

If you want gapps, the blue shade tutorial said you can install them by following this [TUT] Install [FireOS], ROOT & GAPPS | Page 14 | XDA Forums

That thread is like trying to read a book where every 4th word is replaced with random characters. The more I read the less I understand. I’ve read, got frustrated, gave up, then gone back to try again about 12 times now. I think I’m done, the only way to make more changes is the thing I wanted to avoid, which is geeking out on nothing but Android stuff for a solid year until it makes sense.

I managed to get the .apk for Google Launcher from the Play Store, via the PC, via a Firefox plugin. (see what I mean?) Copied it to the Fire but it won’t install, it says the Google app (which can’t be installed yet, unless it’s with the other GAPPS stuff) must be updated first.

If I give up and leave it as it is now, can I un-root/uninstall KingRoot, and have the changes already stick? Or will it try to ‘fix’ itself?

Might be easier to buy one of the new Fire 7” tablets for $49 and blowing away the Fire OS and putting stock android on it. I picked up two for $35 around Christmas time. Not an HD screen, but still very very good for what it is.

Good luck.

The $50 Fire 7s with Fire OS 5.0.1 are easy and great for the price. The trouble is if you get one with 5.1.1 then you need to use FlashFire to install roms and that’s buggy. Quite a few people are getting bricked (dead, unrecoverable). Can’t use twrp on the 5.1.1 devices.

Oh, well crap.

Any way the OP or similar person could root the thing, wipe the Fire OS off completely, install some version of stock Android? Get rid of the Amazon update service and it should stay whatever version you want it to be. Google will probably try to update you, but at least it will still be stock Android.

As a consumption device, and particularly one with removable storage for my 4yr old, we are liking the Fire 7 very much. I don’t have a need like the OP though, but I can see where this can be frustrating.

Ahh! Sorry about, forgot that I needed to mention where you could get the .apks from. :-/ It’s safe and always used by xda members.

Sounds like the Google Launcher does require gapps to be installed first. You could install the Nova launcher.

As long as you don’t unblock the amazon update .apks then amazon can’t change or “fix” anything.

Well, speaking about the Fire 7 - 5.1.1 devices. They can be rooted, ads removed, de-bloated, google play/gapps installed if you want to stay on the Fire OS. And you can also wipe Fire OS / install a rom (version of stock Android) but that part can be risky. In 5.1.1 your only option to install roms is flashfire and it’s buggy. And since twrp recovery is not possible with 5.1.1 if you run into a problem you can be bricked.

Whereas with 5.0.1 devices you have twrp recovery available. Run into a problem and you can recover.

For the price I love the Fire 7, well at least the ones with 5.0.1. Got 2 at $35ea, nuked FireOS installed SlimLP rom instead. At $35 I feel like I should have brought another, just to use as a clock + weather display in the kitchen if nothing else! :smiley: The microSD card slot is what pushed me to get a couple. I hate when manufacturers don’t give you microSD.

Agreed. Already had a Kindle Fire HD 7 2013 edition I gave my kid to use for Netflix and games and such… but the SD card slot on this one was the triggering thing so we can load up tons of movies for road trips.

I already tweaked it to out Google play services, Google PlayStore and such on it. That’s really about all I had to do to make it perfect for OUR use and need.

I’m considering something similar for my mother’s samsung tab 4 8.0. It really makes me angry that t-mobile notifies that updates are available but only allows them to be downloaded via wifi and blames the manufacturer. The tablet is on a plan with 5gb of lte data a month and we can’t download an android update? Total bs. I updated once via adb. This time I’ll wipe it and install a rom without the bloat.