Dead AT Tiny 13A from my Nanjg 105D. What to do with it?

Killed (bricked?) one of these as I was learning how to flash firmwares to it
I’m curious on what options I have other than salvaging the 7135 chips or dumping it into the bin.

I doubt removing the AT Tiny 13A chip will convert it to one mode

If the 7135 chips are still good you can disconnect the pwm pin from the trace either by desoldering and lifting the pin, cutting the pin, or cutting the trace and adding a jumper from D1 to the nearest 7135 pwm controlled pin. Regulated 1-mode.

I have just started flashing them as well, I have had values for PWM and a couple of mistakes in code that made them appear dead as in light would not turn on. So, what the heck, I flashed a known good firmware and the cpu woke up and worked!