Dead - Canada - Eneloop packs 8xAA + 4xAAA + Charger for $24.99

Pretty decent deal for 8xAA / 4xAAA / Charger over at Dell. Free ground shipping in Canada

Sale ends Aug 5th. And here I just bought the NCIX 4xAA/2xAAA/Charger pack...

Edit: seems sold out? My purchase went through earlier today, but the item no longer appears on their 72 hour sale page or by direct linking.

for THAT kind of savings I might have to take a couple... thanks alot for the heads up !!!!

***edit*** seems the deal is gone, or the link isn't working anymore. Maybe they've sold out

Thanks for letting me know (although, sadly, I bet you found out the disappointing way). Updated topic

LOL.... yes, i found out the disappointing way. I didn't really need them, but it was a good deal. Oh well, those are the breaks.