Dead deal .... link deleted ..


dumb dead deal on a .. duracell light at officeworks in australia

it was a 4 AA light that was the only attraction at all..///stupid cheap too... under 5$

..deleted link..

No idea of quality or possible mod ..It just seemed like a deal ...Shipping might mess the entire deal up so I'll appologize immediately ..Not sure if there is a store down the street from you :)

I've had a couple of duracell lights, and that is about what I think they are worth.

Unfortunately, I think the last one cost me $24

Looks nice. I see these ones at my local Walmart but never had the interest to get one or look into it further.

Bugger. Out of stock.

Pure Spinach

Online only and out of stock, Damn -I have a shop not too far away.


I'll kill the title so it doesn't draw anymore wasted time or attention