Deal Alert - 2450 mAh AA ENELOOP XX

has a charger and 20 eneloop batteries - worth a look
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Wow thanks, that was a superb deal, albeit a price error. It has been removed now. I bought it, but I fear it will be refunded.

Try the ebay number - they are still for sale as I can see
they 29.99 aud for a charger and 20 batteries

eBay item number: 121167235148

here is the link to his ebay shop\_nkw=&\_armrs=1&\_from=&\_ipg=&\_trksid=p3686

I might believe those Energizer prices as they are crap cells, but Eneloop XX, yeah sure!

This is getting all over again and again on ebay - Seller gets few hundreds of feedback preferably from beads and other cheap stuff, then hides feedback details and starts selling high-priced stuff in large quantities. If you check in a few weeks, the seller will be gone. (Moving to other accounts)

Call me a fool. I have yet to be scammed on Ebay, but I have not tried on anything this under priced before.. Ill see how it goes and report back.

1 order placed.

Hahaha. If anything, PayPal will save my ass.

Or I just wasted money worth an hour's work.

Well, I've heard of this happening but (maybe in ignorance) I thought PayPal was supposed to protect the buyer in cases like these.

Anyway, I placed an order - will watch this thread with interest.

Same seller is offering 40x 5000mAH 18650's for 29.99AU also.

I contacted the seller if it’s really 20pcs of XXX Eneloops plus charger for $AU29. He has not responded since 4 hours ago, and we belong to the same time zone. Smells like the $34 Nitecore TM15 with 4 Nitecore cells and I4 charger debacle.

I think it is too good to be true.
One set of Eneloop XX can be purchased with this price, not 5 sets+charger.

I was scammed once on EBay with a “too good to be true deal”. It’s not worth the waste of time. It’s clearly a scam so why bother?

Thats a classic!

I mean.. a classic SCAM...

these are not 3rd gen XX, but 2nd gen.. and its IMPOSSIBLE to sell them at that price..

not really worth the try.....and trouble...

As mentioned above I also bought these. The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced it must be scam, especially considering the big amount he is selling (now: 55*20) Is there anything one can do now to minimize the chances of losing money?

My item is already marked as shipped, and obviously it’s shipped without tracking. I think this is a good thing because now I at least have the option of saying I’ve never received the item if it turns out to be a brick or simply fakes.

It’s a bloody shame ebay has hidden behind a thick wall of preselected questions when trying to contact them.

Any thoughts?

Rather should buy from reliable source. Smells fishy this deal.

I bought 1 pack … if does not work out and it is a scam … I do not care

I`ll get my money refunded through paypal … so to me it`s no big deal at the end of the day

but if it isn`t a scam and I receive the batteries … bonus I got some cheap batteries.

Paypal can be real ignorant and a pita at times, I think you overrate their protection.

I’m more interested on the outcome of this than any new light sold in the market. is the name printed on the side of the 18650’s in the ebay primary picture.

Anyone heard of them before ?


maybe by 20, they mean 20 individual battery so it equal 5 sets, but yet even the first gen XX still cost around $10/4 pcs here.

update: i asked the seller for ebay item number 121167235148.