Deal Alert - 8 x AA Glitter eneloop - $19.99 + delivery @ Dick Smith (Aus only)

(online only)

Usually $39.99, this is half normal price.


:~ I can not buy it, I am not from Australia……… However, it is a very good deal

OMG i just bought 8x normal one for 25$ :stuck_out_tongue: dick does it good he shiped to me 2 days from cleared paypal payment very good recommended i rather have these glitter ones though!!!

I bought both :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, just ordered 2 packs.

Are these the same Gen as the new white ones, or the older type?

They are 2nd gen ones the same as the white ones you can buy in the stores.

The 3rd gen ones are only available in/from Japan.

Thanks mate, gotta get some :slight_smile:

edited Just ordered 4 packs for myself and church, thanks for the tip ez :slight_smile:

Thankyou, just ordered 2 sets.

The price went back to normal, now the deal is back: $19.95 +$4.95 postage:

Thanks for that.

Just ordered 4 packs. Christmas shopping early for the first time in my life!

They ship via courier too, so keep an eye out for the truck.