Deal Alert for SWM D20A fans: Price too good to be true!

Here is a killer deal of the SWM D20A from doingoutdoor:

Inquire thru email to about its price, so hurry before the ‘cops’ arrive…

coupon code:


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…so the joke is on you! haha :bigsmile:

Do you work for doingoutdoor? I thought that guy got banned? It was about the time I signed up.

I don’t work for doingoutdoor. Bill Qiao is just my friend. Oftentimes he has good prices worth informing flashlights enthusiasts.
Yes, he is banned here for spamming, but nothing more than that. He is one of the better vendors (and trust-worthy seller) around here.

I hope you’re getting some kind of kickback from him :stuck_out_tongue:

i once bought a Sunwayman from Bill too.

super fast shipping and very fair price.

he comes highly recommended!!

i would buy the D20A anytime from him

and i think that we all should give him a chance

to offer us the best price thru email.

D20A and Doingoutdoor are the best!! :party:

I love Sunwayman, maybe even more than Fenix!

As much as Eagletac? :wink:

He gave me bigger discount when I bought my FF4 from him after I organized a GB of that light. That was my kickback, as you call it.
When the price he is offering is good, we all benefit from it.


@raccoon city: Nice One, Robocop!

I’m feelin’ a lot of love in the room tonight! {B^)

This should be moved to Multi AA subforum

I ordered one. Reason why I buy another light: I had only one red Glo-toob AAA! so one more is reasonable!

Wait. You mean I can get even lower by emailing him?

my favorite go-to flashlight seller has got it too:

he charges 122.79US$ plus shipping LMAO :D

i really don't know if that's a typo or if he was smoking something ROFL $)

Here’s the coupon code for D20A light at doingoutdoor:


Can’t be bothered signing up just to find out the price.

Pretty sure he had it for $58 without any coupon the other day from memory.

Here’s to hoping he will have coupon for D40A?

D40A you say?



For orders outside of Europe it is without the 19% VAT = 75,55 Euro (=> approx. USD 104,-)

All orders with 49,- Euro or more are shipped without shipping costs.
So even if the shipping to Europe the total costs are approx. 123,- Euro but without additional shipping costs.

Best regards

Bernd Auler

Coupon not working.

I got my Olight S20 from him, at a price no one on this forum or CPF
could believe, fast shipping & great service!
He has some titanium stuff that I’m saving up to buy, again at better
prices than I could find anywhere else.
Too bad he got banned but that won’t stop me from buying from him.