Deal Alert: KINFIRE 502B 800LM XM-L T6 LED - US$8.50 Shipped

Link to the light is HERE

Looks like a good price on a 502B

Use this code the the checkout: spe308

Ends on the 5th of March (probably 4th of March for most countries)

You might have to be logged in to the site to get the code to work as they have done on other deals.

Not too bad of a deal for a XM-L emitter and a P60 host body...can almost guarantee the driver is going to suck rocks! But a simple swap with a 2800mA Nanjg 105C 8*7135 and you have a pretty decent little 10W GP throw around budget rig.

I bought a Ultrafire 502B host and a P60 dropin for right at $12-13 from FT, I think they have a pre-built one ready to go for maybe a little more than $10

These are the quintessential throw around beat em up and don't cry about it rigs...just remember to wrap the P60 dropin module to ensure better heat sink capability

Which has better value? UF 502B 7135*3 XM-L2 from Simon ($10.88) or this?

XM-L2 has approx 10-20% greater output when compared side to side with XM-L

Do you have a link to the one from Simon?

UF 502B

Is xtar b01 also a p60 body?

Looks like this one already has a Nanjg 105C driver in it, you can add 7135 chips to this to increase the power to the LED, the other one you would need to completely replace the driver

Extra options on the 105C in my mind is worth it, but only 3* chips means it's only pushing 1050A to the emitter, not a whole lot of power

But 99.4% of buyers enjoyed this product! (230 votes) 263 orders (230 out of 260 give good reviews)

Does BLF coupon work to drive that aliexpress one down a bit?

I’m not sure about the coupon because I simply sent the money to his PayPal account for my previous order.

Deal good for another 12 hours.


On EBay, I ordered a C8 for about $8.
Their ad said it was a TrustFire, the display had a picture of a KinFire, what was sent was an UltraFire……but what I really got was a CrapFire. :smiley:

This two seems pretty decent for the price… Which one you would choose?

The differences i see are XML2 U2 - XML2 and the board but the second one has no details about it.

On the first link you posted, you could ask the guy (Simon) to swap the emitter and driver to anything you want.

With that cheap P60 flashlights prepare that not only driver is low quality. The pill is most likely made of aluminium (just painted yellow to imitate brass) and is hollow - with an emitter cooking in the air. Not to mention short threads, low build quality, these new cheap ultrafires are much worse then the old ones. Here’s a comparison with older 502B:

I’m not sure about the quality of the host but the driver is the standard Nanjg with 7135s. I also thought aluminium has better heat transfer than the brass. Which is it?

I think you are right!

An aluminum pill would actually be better than brass...dang!

I sent him a private message. I ask quotation for a 4x7135 (6x it’s too much for this host) and neutral XML2.
I’ll wait for reply. Thanks for the hint!

Hey :wink:
In this thread UltraFire WF 502B stare i nowe - you can see how pill looks like in cheap wf-502.
Pill has big hole under the MCPCB and is made from aluminium… LED probably will burn in 5min.

I think you are right!
Cooling Fundamentals: Thermal Conductivity on

An aluminum pill would actually be better than brass…dang!


But the pil is hollow, there’s no aluminium under emitter’s PCB - there’s basically no heat transfer between emitter and pill.

502B $7.91 at WB
No idea about quality, but I don’t think there will be much difference

I just confirmed with Simon he’s using this dropin Page Not Found - Solid or hollow?