Deal Alert: KINFIRE 502B 800LM XM-L T6 LED - US$8.50 Shipped

Ultrafire XM-L2 $7.99

These make decent enough GP flashlights…and that is a CRAZY low price

this is one of my favorite EDC light as it’s feel like solid and you can drop it many times and the price you will not cry about it :wink:
bought at least 8 for gifts already, for around $10 with XM-L2? it’s a no brainer everyone should own at least one of these :bigsmile:

swap the lens with 28mm aspheric lens from DX for more throw! D

I have the two I mentioned above that I put together, for GP flashlights, 1 mode though

I will be either swapping them for a STAR V1.1 firmware or one of the new FET drivers when I get them in and build one…they really are good “budget” lights (just make sure you aluminum foil heatsink the P60 dropin)

Can’t even get the host and the driver for that price!

true that on the price… but FET driver in this light? lol over kill… but definitely will gather a lot of WOWs … :bigsmile:
even simple mod such as swapped the LED to XP-E2 on noctigon with 3 Amp driver and coupled with 28mm aspheric lens makes this a small killer light for under $15 :bigsmile:

Thank you WarHawk-AVG for posting this. My friend “accidentally:stuck_out_tongue: walked off with mine and never did bring it back |( . So I needed a replacement. Good timing on your post.