Deal Alert Not- High CRI (Nope) 3 Pack

EDIT: This is not a good deal. Can not get head off and 18650’s would not be able to fit without serious modification. Compared to Nichia 219 H1 it is not high CRI. Beam is slightly ringy. Cheap holder, springs and other components. Reflector finish does not seem high grade.

Saw a 3 flashlight pack for $19.95 at Sam’s Club that looks interesting. Had two 200 lumen 3AAA lights, a keychain light, and 6 AAA batteries. The lights looked to be good quality. I think the package said the big lights have 50% and 100% modes. The big lights were about the size of a shortened 501b, but more tube light shaped. The picture of the battery holder and the tail spring indicated that improvement could be made there.

What caught my attention was that it said something to the effect of maximum light output without sacrificing CRI. I didn’t have my glasses. The emitter had a deep yellow color typical of the neutral to warm tint emitters. The emitter appeared to be XPG2, but I didn’t have my eye glasses with me. I also didn’t have a camera handy. I purchased one to look at, but I won’t get a chance until tonight.

If the two big lights have high CRI XPG2’s, this might be a pretty good deal. If someone has good eyes, knows their emitters, and is near a Sam’s Club. Please check out and report back your finding. The light doesn’t appear on Sam’s Club’s website.

EDIT: Looking at the photos in the below link, I think the emitter is most likely a XPG. I didn’t see grid lines on the emitter, but the surrounding PCB was green (think) with a solder pads in 2 corners (non-opposing corners). I’ll verify tonight, but I may be returning the lights without cutting open the package.

If the LED substrate is green then it is an XP-G.

Thanks scaru. At home with my eye glasses now. Comparing to your awesome emitter comparison thread, it’s definitely XPG. Has green substrate and grid with 4 sections. So not a great deal. The lights look like nice quality though and they have deep reflectors and look like they will tail stand without issue. I’m probably not going to open the package though. I wish it didn’t say”High-quality light with no compromise between efficiency and C.R.I.” Are the high CRI XPG’s still considered good emitters to buy? Here are a couple pics.

Ok, so it seems to be fair deal compared to other places. I would keep if I knew they could fit a 18650’s. It looks looks like it might be possible. I’m just not willing to gamble $20 on it today.

Sometimes they’ll just stick a normal 80 CRI warm white emitter in a light and call it “high CRI”. They just forget to add the part about how most warm white LED are 80 CRI.

The tail switch controls the modes and you can’t turn it off until you go through the whole sequence (low, high, strobe, off). I started trying one unit with Tenergy Premiums and output was not impressive with a ringy pattern. I then powered it with a tabbed 18500 and there was output for a moment and then nothing. It looks like the switch couldn’t handle the current and the battery voltage was only around 3.6V. I say this because the assembled light wouldn’t work with the supplied alkalines, afterward. Now, after the switch burnout, I did conduct some tail-cap readings and the light didn’t have any problem illuminating. With alkalines, I got a reading of 0.5A and with the 18500, a reading of 1.47A.

ImA4Wheelr is completely correct in stating these are not a good deal!

I found another XP-G based light in Lowes that looks exactly like the Costco Techlight Lumen Masters. This Utilitech model has a regular switch and measures around 0.7A with alkalines. With Tenergys, 1A, and with an 18500, over 2A!

I think it is fair to say you can get at least 200 lumens out of these Utilitechs.

Thanks for the follow up Broodmaster. I concur, but if you already have them, they do have a nice look and potential. With some modding, they could probably be turned into something nice. I returned mine but was close to keeping them for that reason.

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