Deal Alert: OLIGHT I3S XP-G2 1xAAA - $15.32

Spotted this on OzB.

$15 is a good price for a XP-G2 AAA light, not to mention one made by a reputable manufacturer.

Usually these sell for around $23-30


Only purple is 33% off…

Dude, purple is awesome!

Yes the one I linked to and put pictures of.

I use a DQG AAA with a XP-G2 on my keyring or else I would be tempted to buy this myself.

I think it would look nice after some wear (distressed by keys etc), perhaps even soak it in oven cleaner for those who wanted natural aluminium assuming the head can be dissasembled easy enough.

Purple wouldn’t be my first choice but its cheap, and its not like driving a purple/pink car etc with big rainbows down both sides.

Damn I just bought one of this and an I1 locally.

Your saying there is something wrong with my car? :frowning:

Of course not :stuck_out_tongue:

Noob question:
can we still apply a discount code on top of an existing deal?

If you have a working DX code, I don’t see why it would work.

Nothing wrong with the chauffuer either!


Except that she would be driving. Id prefer her hands were free.

My socks wont darn themselves.

Got my i3s for the wifey last Friday. She was using my blue Fenix E05 before but now my E05 is back.

Came in a plastic box with some brochures and 2 extra o-rings. I think these purple ones are old new stocks. Had to twist it more than a dozen time before it worked properly. Also put some lube to make the twisting much smoother.

Good buy i will say.

5th week and counting, still haven’t received.

My arrived after 30 days. Rocks on Efest IMR, nothing to complain about :slight_smile:

Mine was ordered on May 13, ‘shipped’ on May 17,…. 5 weeks, still waiting.

IMR 3.7v, I thought it was an AAA Light.

glad i didn’t order one. I never waited 5 weeks for a light, crazy.

Me too. Ordered on 13 May. Still waiting. On monday i open paypal dispute

Talking about this vendor, I bought a firesteel/flint at early March, and received my stuff just a week ago.

In hind sight i’m glad i already
bought one elsewhere for the regular $20.— :frowning: