Deal Alert: Tmart CrapFire 18650 for $0.01 (Ended)

I hope this isn't a scam like the XXX eneloops ....

I don't want to have to get into a paypal dispute and wait forever for my penny back.

I only looked at this thread because I thought it might really be branded “Crapfire”. Disappointed.


I feel the same way…had to open a dispute when I didn’t receive my $5.94 meter from T-mart!!

Coupon has expired. It says it could only be used 50 times.

Even for a penny…. I don’t want it.


Got one. Thanks for the heads up. $0.01 shipped is a pretty goods deal even if the battery is as bad as most Ultrafires.

Looks like the coupon code has been used up. I get an error saying the code could only be used 50 times.

I was going to order 300…Mostly just to waste resources.

Same here “This coupon could only be used 50 times.”


I'm sure there's something they're good for. They could go in the solar lights in the yard. Or even buried in the yard as IEDs. :D

I did not know that HKJ had tested them, so Trustfire flames are indeed a bit more trustworthy than Ultrafire batteries, thanks for pointing out :-)

I too came here hoping that there was a product labelled CrapFire. My hopes were dashed.

It’s a little sad though that such a thing might be considered reasonable, but after all they have UniqueFire and FandyFire.

I think a better label for this one though would be ONfire

The earlier TF flames were much better than the later ones . My old Dx 14500 TF flames are better than the newer fasttech 14500s.

I have some trustfire blue 18650's that came with 502B's from Dino direct that aren't all that bad for an el cheapo battery .

I wonder how they can afford to send these ...??

Mail to those who used the coupon: Congrats to those who participated in our free (used, rewrapped junk) cell promotion! Thankyou (for taking our trash) for visiting our site!

Even if they did that, I'd still buy this for $0.01 over and over again if only because it helps the US Postal Service.

Just charge them up and away they go….

Look at it this way... when You recycle them ,maybe you'll find a nice drill pack or laptop battery

Mine arrived yesterday from a UK warehouse, that was fast!

This is not the worst Ultrafire I have ever had either. It weighs in at 40g. Another pair of other Ultrafires I have only weigh in at 38g.

All in all, worth 27p!

I wonder if you can fish with these ?

They seem like perfect bait for a sucker .