Deal Alert: Tmart CrapFire 18650 for $0.01 (Ended)

Thanks for sharing! I also ordered one…

What the hell, I ordered one. If I feel the need to give away a cell to someone I don't like, this will be it.

I actually tried to order 100. I'm an evil person. The coupon code only works for one cell....but wait, let me try a second order... Nope, only 1 per customer.

uh, where do I redeem the voucher code?

Start the checkout process with Paypal. It'll return you to Tmart to finish your order, and it's there that you can enter your coupon code.

For the UK it is coming to £0.27

Bloody typical, getting ripped off big style. Paying 2700% more than our American friends!


There is a sort of myth on the forums (I think it is a myth) that the only ok chinese battery is the Trustfire flame. My personal guess is that all those ****fire batteries are of comparable quality (not great, just ok) but that the market is polluted with rewrapped (often 'Ultrafire') disposed batteries from old electrical equipment. If you avoid ebay you're probably ok in most cases.

tempting as is basically a free battery, but i dont want to have to worry about these going nuclear

thanks for the deal alert though!

Thanks for posting!

Yes please be careful with these cells, as they are probably recycled battery packs, old and tired from use/abuse.

Yeah they are probably those Samsungs that Ubehebe is always talking about with a protection curcuit slapped on them ..:P

Couldn’t resist a penny. Must treat it with all respect. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up on this deal.
I just ordered one and if it were not for the directions about going through paypal first I may have given up in trying to apply the coupon code. Now it’s just a waiting process. It shouldn’t take very long if they ship from the USA.

I will admit that I previously ordered tons of crappy fire brands(ultrafire, spiderfire, uniquefire, fandyfire, thrustfire, GTL, etc.). I had all possible issues( low mah, unable to charge fully, overcharged, some smoked while charging) but they did never exploded.

Now I would not want them even if someone gives me 1000 pcs for free.

They could actually work good in 1A lights if they are good ones.

Well, I did it, too, as info in OP, and whammo J) :party: It works… :stuck_out_tongue: :love:

Maybe it would be a good idea to cut the wrapper off and see if there are markings on the can.

HKJ tested Ultrafire batteries that came directly from Ultrafire plus two vendors. They all had the inconsistent results we expect from Ultrafire. I've only seen one okay Ultrafire result, and that was for the 26650 that had a label very similar to the Trustfire flames 26650.

I hope this isn't a scam like the XXX eneloops ....

I don't want to have to get into a paypal dispute and wait forever for my penny back.

I only looked at this thread because I thought it might really be branded “Crapfire”. Disappointed.


I feel the same way…had to open a dispute when I didn’t receive my $5.94 meter from T-mart!!

Coupon has expired. It says it could only be used 50 times.