Deal alerts for GearBest - Current hot deals - DQG Tiny for $16

Quite many GearBest deal alert threads floating around.. Let's try to consolidate all their deals into this one.

Latest hot deals:

DQG Tiny 60 CW or NW for only $16.99 with code DQG60 (non-aff)

DQG Tiny Clicky CW(?) or NW for $15.99 with code GBDQG (non-aff)


UniqueFire UF-1405 for only $26.99 with coupon UF1405 (<-- aff link - non-aff here)

SingFire SF-348 group buy is still on - only $5.99! (CW, WW) with coupon GBSF348 (<-- aff link - non-aff here: CW, WW)

..and more current deals can be browsed from this link.

After all the spam PM’s gearbest sent BLF members begging us to post “deals” on their behalf, I do believe I am finished purchasing from that vendor. I dont need an incentive to do someone elses bidding for them. :Sp


LOL even my phone won’t open those links

"I like money." -Frito Pendejo, Idocracy

“Can’t believe you like money too!” :smiley:

^^^ That was the inspiration for the 2014 F1 cars, btw.

TangsFire HD-2010 for only $23.99 with coupon GB2010 (<-- aff link - non-aff here)

optional inspection fee? Guarantees the light is in perfect cosmetic and working order and includes proper shipping protection. Would you use it? Would seller go out of business? Does seller face huge losses because of PayPal disputes and returns by not just inspecting product in the first place?

Some people have requested a group buy for UF-1405, but we thought that a regular deal with a great price would be even better.. So, here we go: (Note: Under the EU VAT limit!)

UniqueFire UF-1405 for only $26.99 with coupon UF1405 (<-- aff link - non-aff here)

I just made an order for this flashlight two days ago without the coupon!

hmm… somehow this light reminded me of my Wolf Eyes Seal Hunter light… which is was a disappointing light for the price in stock mode

omg nice price ty, any one got it from gearbest is it really glass lens ? and what is the driver it has

MT21A $25, Olight T25 XP-G2 $33.

Thank you ( the ) i ordered My UniqueFire UF-1405

I’ve been looking for a small screwdriver/wrench tool for my keychain and came across these in black or silvery:



…not exactly what I’m looking for, but thought I’d post since they’re 67% off for the next 5 days. And you have to respect the spork.

And I saw these posted somewhere, but GB price is now 74% off:

$1.28 now out of stock

(sorry if that’s old news, i can’t find the original post)

I see this posted in the general daily deals thread:

If I believe GB (go ahead, just guess), it’s a very good deal.


I’m not seeing enough info to figure out — where’s the battery in this bike light?

It has a cable for USB “charger” — is there a lithium-ion cell mounted in the head along with the emitter?