Deal? (be careful).. 24Pcs of AA/AAA "Phillips" cells for 2 (TWO) bucks + shipping (US only)

Beware, I dont know nothing about that website - I recently began to recieve SPAM in my mailbox, with their offers :)

But 24pcs of rechargables (primaries) for 2 bucks :D - it worth a try.

Although, maybe their scam is in that that they hope that youll forget small amount and wontfile paypal dispute...

Itt appears that there is 5 or 10 $ per package

i'm tempted, but I have a @#$% load of AAs, of known capacity, so I'll pass, but thanks for posting:)

Shipping is $10 bucks for a pack of each and they do not state rechargeable?

Are Phillips good quality? Never seen them before.

Ordered from them about 5 times, they are legit.

Those are zinc-carbon chemistry. Definitely not rechargeable and the worst commonly out there. They are the same type that you find 12 packs of in the pound shop under Kodak branding.

FYI - $4.99 Shipping for each 24 pack ordered. Total cost for 24 = $6.98

I have bought from them several times....$5 shipping per item ordered

ha, $7? that's a rip off

The price wouldn't be too bad if they were copper tops or equal.

I buy 48-packs of AA alkalines at Sam's Club for ~$12.00. They seem to be decent cells, not leak-tastic like the ones I used to buy cheap from Fry's Electronics...Undecided