Deal Extreme 50% off promotion!

I got this e-mail this morning. 50% off you order of EXACTLY $100. It must be exact and only the first 200 people qualify, the promotion runs for 5 days however with a new 200 each day.


People also can use this time zone converter that may come in handy, since the coupon seems to be valid 4 hours each day starting 00:00 UTC time each day :slight_smile:

and you don’t find out of you get 50% off until after you pay? maybe if you were already planning to spend $100 there, but…no thanks!

but i think you can check what you are being charged just before the last step you pay with paypal, no?

3. Complete payment of this order during the promotion period.
4. Use the coupon code immediately after order completion to see if you have won 50% OFF.

hmm…seems you are right…no good…but:

*If *you make your purchase within the 4 hours that the coupon is valid and *if *you manage to add up exactly $100 of products, then you should have no problem.

It seems however that part of the promotion will be financed by the fellows that will not pay close attention to the fine print :slight_smile:

you probably have a good chance of getting in on the first 200 because most people won’t read it, will see the $100 w/o discount at final checkout and just say ‘screw it’

100$ with or without the 0.01 for registered air mail?
I would assume 100 in the order subtotal?

It says 1.00am local time but it is already 01.50am…
Ecko, I have the same question but I guess since the 0.01 part cannot be removed, it must be included.

I was able to get 100$ before the 0.01… Had to grab a crappy flashlight as a filler lol

What is your grand total? 100$, including registered airmail I guess.
I can’t be 100.01$. Then you’ll be out of rules.

I had both 100 and 100.01 with airmail
So ill try it with grand total of 100$

Is the first coupon live?

I don’t think so. It still says “in preparation”…

I was asking because the timer is stopped and we are past the activation time. Its 0235 hkt no?

The timer will start when the offer begins…
IF it ever begins…lol

Doh, yeah your right! :slight_smile:

lol…As my friend Chandler Bing would say, you don’t hear a lot of “doh’s” nowadays…

Now they set the timer. It starts in 6 hours…


About 35 minutes to go for today’s one, by my reckoning. Still not sure if the $.01 registered/tracking service counts in the grand total, but willing to try. If it doesn’t get discounted, I’ll cancel promptly and go through a few cycles with paypal.

Hot tip: when you’ve got the last, say, $1.12 to fill your cart, go to the advance search; use the search term, “all”, and put your required dollar value in the from/to boxes. Voila! Some cr#p to finish your cart with.