Deal Extreme.. do I even bother making a purchase right now?

With Chinese New Year coming up in a few weeks, should I bother making a purchase from DX knowing how long it takes for them to ship?

I would buy elsewhere but I can’t find anyone else with this particular lens.

I personally wouldn’t purchase from them from my own bad experiences. I have ordered around this time before and it took over a month to receive shipment.

I have ordered many times with DX but now after the bad laser I had replaced 3 times (fourth one bad also) I told them I would not send it back again (got tired of going to post office to mail then them crediting my DX account for my shipping charges). They could either send me another or credit my account or do nothing but I was not sending it back. They choose to do nothing. So they lost my business forever. This ticket has been open for almost a year and they have done nothing to try to resolve this matter. Just My Two Cents.

If you will give a link to the lens maybe there’s a alternative supplier.

FastTech recently added a variety of lenses to its catalog. I’m sure you’ll get it much quicker than DX as we all (mostly) had positive experiences with FastTech.



Shipping delays will probably run through your 45 day paypal period, so either order knowing that you’ll have no recourse or skip it.

Personally, I’d skip it.

what lens are you looking to buy?

i only ask because i have a few of the aspherics for solarforce hosts i bought that i dont need that i would send you @ cost

I would not place an order now, until the middle or end of March. This mess will bog down the Chinese postal system and always results in a disaster. Even if DX (or any vendor) got it out to the post, it will sit in a mass grave of packages for weeks.

As a rule I do not order anything from November to March. If you do order, you will probably be going the PayPal claim route, when it does not arrive.

Thanks for the input, guys!

I’ve still never purchased from DX because I can’t tolerate the wait. Also, they’ve never had something I want that nobody else had up until now. I’ll pay a little more for quicker and reliable service, especially when it comes to overseas purchases.

I’ll check Fast Tech, but last time I was there they didn’t have it.

My last order with anyone was IOS 5 days ago. Nothing but domestic sources from here on out through February.

i've just submitted a little order of o-rings and bike bands. on FT. no more DX for me. i am done with DX.

I tried to order from them twice in the past few months. Once they waited about 10 days then cancelled the order and sent a refund with no explanation. I assume they were out of stock for all four of the items I wanted. The second time, they waited a week or so and then told me it was out of stock and asked if I’d prefer to wait or accept a refund. I haven’t replied yet.

Every item I ordered was shown as in stock when I ordered.

So, I’ve never actually received any items from DealExtreme.

Edit: The second item did eventually arrive. Tracking was useless though, since it showed the item as still being in Hong Kong until after it showed up at my door. (Tekut LK5050 “Dapper” knife… is on my keychain now, and I’m half tempted to order more as gifts)

My last two orders took about two weeks to arrive, with the most recent arriving a couple days ago.

I placed two orders with them in December, each took about 3.5 weeks to arrive. That’s quick compared to my past experiences with them! :open_mouth:

I think Fast Tech is the only Chinese company I’d order from at this point. Also, if they don’t ship it out by the end of the week (assuming I place an order) I would contact CS and ask to cancel my order and give me a refund.

I placed a decent order from FastTech yesterday. Should make it out in time but it will be my last for a month or two unless it's from Craig @ IS.

Last order from Fasttech today. Now nothing more for 1 month

I placed a near $100 order with DX on Feb. 15 for some drivers, an LED, and an sst-50 light. Tracking is vague. Not sure it has even been shipped out. Unless they are the sole supplier of something I need or want, I will have to think long and hard before ordering from them again. Two other battery orders from them shipped out and arrived fairly quickly (2-3 weeks.)