Dealextreme Auction 2 Ultrafire Flashlight-02/02/16 to 04/02/16 - Closed

Winner of 1st Auction - bmwsancho

Auction 2 - Ongoing

Rule and Regulations -

1. Anyone and everyone can only make a bid twice in a single day, 3rd bid by the same user on the same day will not be updated

2. How to bid?- Type in only *Bid plus 1* or *Bid plus 2*, depending on your first or second bid of the day. - Any bids not following the format will be not be recognize and bids accepted will have a update daily at 6pm GMT+8 China Time.

3. All bids place follow by "Per bid price" indicated in the auction and are accepted by the sequence based on the thread.

4. Bid closes on 04/02/2016 - 6pm GMT+8 China time.

5. Winner will be notified by private message and will be announce on this thread here as well.

6. Winner must respond back to Dealextreme within 24hours of notice, if not otherwise will be deemed as forfeited and disqualified from the auction rights.

7. In the event, if bidders fail to confirm and make payment for orders or amount bid? Dealextreme reserves the right to post the user's name in forum and banned the user from future participation.

8. Shipment costs will be bored by Dealextreme

9. Dealextreme reserves the right to alter or change any rules in this auction to deem what is the best fit for participants or change any products deem fit or is of equivalent amount.


Auction 2 - Ultrafire WF-501B Philips Luxeon @ usual price $10.99 USD

Starting Price - $3.85 USD

Per Bid Price - $0.30 USD

Updated at 7.00pm GMT+8 China Time on 02/03/2016

Current Bidding Price - $0.00

Highest Bidder-------------- No winners


Auction 1 - Nightcore Flash Light @ usual price $27.28 USD - Closed & Sold

Starting Price - $10.00 USD

Per Bid Price - $0.20 USD

Updated at 7.00pm GMT+8 China Time on 31/01

Current Bidding Price - $10.20 USD Closing Bid

Highest Bidder-------------- bmwsancho ( PM Sent )

Winning Nitecore

2nd Highest Bidder--------- User Name 2

3rd Highest Bidder--------- User Name 3

Happy bidding!!

so it is a blind, public auction? wow, never seen that on a light forum before.

“Nightcore” :bigsmile:

Well always a first for everything and definitely a original nightcore. Adding some thrills to it ^^

Nitecore Sens 1x AA probably.

10.20 $US plus 1

That’s what I’m thinking it is too.
Nitecore Sens

Rule#9 is reason enough for me to not want to participate

Bid accepted

Since my bid was accepted and the auction ended I would kindly ask for further instructions via PM or here.

Congrats to the higest biddier, I hope you receive something good… not a nitecore tube with “msrp” of $27 :bigsmile: …

:smiley: :smiley: I just hope they dont become further confused and make the mistake of shipping nightcorn.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :bigsmile:

Congrats to the winner!



Congratulations, bmwsancho, on winning one of them! :beer:

Of the two, I think I’d prefer the AAA-size NC-T2s a little better.