DealExtreme deceptive marketing

Hi everyone,

Just an interesting tidbit about everyone's most loved/hated budget flashlight supplier....

8W 270LM White Light LED Flashlight with Strap (1*AA)

Anyone here suspect that this flashlight does NOT have an 8 Watt driver and does NOT output 270 lumens? As several astute DX commenters note, they are playing tricks with the model name, which just happens to sound a lot like the terminology that is used to denote wattage and lumen output. It would be like Toyota releasing a new Corolla with a engine model name of "340 HP TDI", which neither makes 340 HorsePower nor has Turbo Direct Injection. This is a fairly nasty trick.

This seems to be a manufacturer thing.

I can remember when Japanese motorcycle engine used a much smaller horse to measure horsepower - 50 Japanese horsepower was about 35 of anyone else's. These days they often understate horsepower.

Or take any printer's pages per minute rating. Their mechanisms might just be able to feed paper at that rate, but not and print on them at the same time. I have a "5W" light that runs on3 AAAs. There is no way that 3 AAAs can sustain 5W for more than seconds. It sits at the back door for light dog spotting duties. I think I got it from QCG when they were the only accessible source of Chinese lights.

Yep, it's a common tactic. Not likely to fool a seasoned buyer, but very likely to turn him away.

no one says what 8W is supposed to mean

i think it started like “this led makes as much light as an 8 watt incandescent bulb”

now no one has any idea what that would mean

it’s become meaningless

no it does not mean 8 watts going into an led, that would kill any LED

but no one expects it to mean anything, really

Most can take much much much more than that! :smiley:
For example a XM-L can take 30 watts if properly cooled.

Maybe a bit offtopic but I have ordered the Sunwayman V11R on March 27, 2019. According to DX the offer said “delivery time 5-7 days”. Until today I did not get an order confirmation nor a shipping note or anything else. I only received the payment confirmation from PayPal. I tried to cancel my order via contact form on DX but they wouldn’t answer me. I guess this time it’s “dispute time” and PayPal may have to straighten it out for me… :person_facepalming:

I gót their answer after one month… DX heydays are gone… There is no reason to order from them…

Friends don’t let friends order from DX.
They still send me emails, still delete them without reading them.