Dealextreme - Dispute transaction?

Read DX forums. There are many customers with the same problem than you. That is caused due to chinapost, which is even worse than HKP.

and remember: After 45 days you are at the mercy of DX. Make a claim before that!!

I'll relay my recent DX experience, in case it helps anyone estimate recent delivery performance. I submitted a very small order without a tracking number on Nov 8, 2010, it shipped Nov 17, 2010, and it arrived today (Jan 12, 2011). I requested a status on Dec 27, 2010 and got a reply on Dec 28 to wait a few more days. Total time from order to arrival was 65 days. Don't order from them if you are in a hurry, tough I understand the wait is longer over the holidays. I may order again, but not for anything I want soon or can get for a roughly similar price from a domestic seller.

I have made over 30 orders from DX.

With that said all was well untill about a year ago. between missing parcels and the "just wait another 2 weeks"...

I try to avoid DX as much as I can. Just received a refund for an order made in September 2010.

DX used to be better than this. might be that this is not totally on DX(HK post to the US), but CS is not in any way helpful as yesteryear. In the meantime other China vendors are able to get parcels to me in 10 days time. Lets not even get into "in stock" items.

Guys! the actual problems today with DX are 2:

1) christmas rush

2) move to China post when HKP collapsed. Then chinapost collapsed too

Orders sent from september to december, all years, can last up to 2,5 months to arrive


The changes and meltdowns, this has been going on beyond the X-mas rush (before).

I don't detest DX, I have been ordering since '08, but something has changed not sure what it is. possibly in CS responses and dealing with non rush times (non holiday)

Are these possibly isolated sitiuations? but when as the consumer start to see a trend to the worse, as said consumer moves on.

DX is still in my Bookmarks, but if I order they will be small orders.

That is all

Ordered 4 items from KD at New Year. Shipped the 6th. Arrived the 12th.

I am very satisfied with their performance at the moment.

In continuation of my post #26 I can inform, that I placed an order for a XML led at KD yeasterday.

This morning it showed "shipped" in my account and an email confirmed this.

The performance of KD are way over expectations for the moment, but thats nice!

Yes , When Christmas is coming , All the Post was collapsed expect some express delivery like DHL , UPS ,but they all have a expensive price .

All the gadgets can't shipped due Both HK Post and China Post very busy .

So it might a longer time when you received it .

One of my orders from back in early November (shipped 11/2/2010 to be precise) just made it to my mailbox yesterday. And that's after about half a dozen orders placed in the meantime. Same thing happened last year and the year before. Business as usual...

Having said that, it's always a good idea to get Paypal involved if you're coming up on the 45 day limit (or whatever it is these days). You can always just close the case or repay the money if your order turns up.

If KD can, why cant you????

Some sellers have "preference" about sending their parcels first. They pay more, have less amount of parcels, so they shipp faster

Doesn't KD do a special "stamp trick" in order to get their stuff out faster during the annual slowdown?

I dont know, and I dont care. I get my stuff fast and that is what I want.

The price is the same (free) at all vendors so I order from the ones that

try to satisfy the customers with fast shipping. Manafont ships very fast!

LOL for Lightakes excuses. During the Xmas season I ordered items from Dx

which came not fast but within the usual 3 weeks. KD has more parcels

than LT I presume, so LT better try harder.

I can't respond .....without ranting or cussing profusely ..

no comment ////

I agree their dispute process is a joke. Just wait another 2 weeks. In my case the 45 day expired but hey I got my parcel today. Almost 60 days from ordering. I had to buy again from elsewhere at a higher cost as some things were xmas presents.

Finally my order arrived and I closed the dispute.

I didn't found out what DX would do next but, ehh, I have a bag full of flashlights so I am happy


Delivery is the most troublesome problem when online shopping.

Good to hear!!

I think we need pictures :P