DealExtreme extremely slow once again

Just when I thought that DX delivery times got better, here I am waiting for a delivery 40something days after DX told me that the item was shipped. During this time I send them a few messages, and I got the typical answer "please wait a bit more". A couple of days ago I opened a PayPal dispute, informed them about it, and the response by "lemon" was again "can you please wait until mid-November"? DX are you being serious?!?!?! I told them that I get items from other chinese sellers within 2 weeks max, and DX just just blames the upcoming National Congress messing up China Post...

DX, 40 days and 60 days is not ok at all for a delivery!!! Get your act together (and your people who give support).

taz, the problem is not DX, is the China mail and China customs.

I have some DinoDirect and ebay packages from China (about 10) which don´t arrive. Most of them should have arrived on mid August and still nothing… They are arriving one by one and veeery slowly.

I am not so sure about that, in the past couple of months I got a few packages from ebay sellers based in China and they took max 2-3 weeks... maybe sellers who daily ship large numbers of packages have the problem?

It's mixed as always. China post is definitely slow nowadays. Sure, China took a week holiday off totally, what do you expect.

And when they're swamped they always tend to use LIFO (Last In First Out) system. So whichever unlucky package pushed at the back, too bad.

Yeah, I noticed that too when my stuff still hasn’t arrived after a month.

Usually it takes two weeks max to reach Korea. Maybe the DX rep here can help us out?

Maybe they should be renamed DelayExtreme?

What I find unprofessional is that I mentioned the 45-day limit that PayPal has and obviously DX is well aware of, and DX instead of supporting the customer they are asking me not to open a case and to wait for another 2-3 weeks! Well, hello!!! By then I will not be able to make a claim and who knows what the outcome will be getting a refund from DX!!!

Next time (if there is such) that I order from DX, I will not wait 45 days, 30 days max and I open a case, and after a couple of days I will escalate, and DX will have more cases against them from PayPal, this is what they deserve to get their act together.

Paypal has a longer open case time than one might think. Don't worry about opening a case, there's ample time to cancel it if you happen to receive the item.

Time to start dispute is 45 days. Once you open this, you have 20 days to escalate to claim. After a claim is filed, there's about 30days window for last minute discussion/appeal etc.

So you really have theoretically around 95 days protection if you follow the dateline. Don't worry about the vendor, there's ample of time for you to cancel the dispute. But you must always open that dispute on the 40th-44th, and follow through on the claim, otherwise the protection window is closed.

Right now, with the problems in China, ordering is Chinese Roulette. Since China is going to, or is trying to ban the shipment of Li-ion batteries, the whole thing is a total mess. Seems like they are having their own internal problems deciding how to manage it, so it's a nightmare. If they do manage to stop shipment of all rechargeable Li-ion like 18650, then the impact would be huge. I think that is what some of the problem is. Orders are being refused by Chinese customs (outgoing) and being sent back to vendors. If the package states "flashlight" on the customs form, some will go back to the vendor, because the customs agent is assuming that the flashlight has a Li-ion battery in it and some will ship, cause the customs agent didn't look, care or know.

As I say, it's a total mess. I am glad I only order components, like drivers and reflectors, but that may soon also be an issue. The times they are a changing.

It may not be DX's fault, but no matter what, if you can't get your item in 45 days, you need to file a claim for a refund. If you choose to wait for months, then you will loose your money. Do it whatever way you want, but once you go past 45 days, your money is gone for good. Doesn't matter if it's DX or any vendor, it's gone for good and if China post will not accept the package for shipment, then it will never get to you.

See, this Li-ion is dangerous thing, is becomming worldwide. Unfortunately, governments will mess it up totally, allowing one type of Li-ion to ship and another type not to ship and the customs agents will be left to their own devices in the field. It will be like any other regulation, full of holes and a big rat's nest.

I think that since there's been more "accidents" with recharging Li-ion in the military (where it gets noticed more), that it is bringing the Li-ion thing to a head. If some people with power decide that Li-ion is unsafe (as they have), then it will cause a wave around the world, and it is starting to. It's just misplaced so far, because the target is not all Li-ion, but only a few select types.

This is all just my personal opinion, from what I read, so take it for what it is, just opinion.

True, if you take into account all the deadlines you get 3 months of wait!!! I opened the case on the 43rd day, and I will escalate it long before I get to the 65 days... The way it goes with DX I will barely remember what I ordered in the first place!

Sadly, I have also ordered an item at DX. A Google search for “Deal Extreme slow” lead me here!

I don’t care if DX, the Chinese Mail or the Communist Party has the fault - I have placed an order which I haven’t received. Today is day 47… pretty far from the 15-20 days they inform as delivery time.

And I have the same experiences with “customer service”. At first they take a long time to even answer. Usually I have to write twice before they reply. But their reply doesn’t bring me any closer. First I got the ‘please wait a little longer - we have had hollidays’answer. Afterwards they answer my questions with other questions! For example; “What is the tracking number?” :open_mouth: they can see that number themselves! I have also tried to track the order but the system “can’t find a siutable item”.

Therefore, my conclusion is that they haven’t even sent my order yet. Writing that the order has been shipped doesn’t convince me - because it is themselves that put in this information.

I have contacted them again and said that I will cancel my order, if they don’t tell me what is going on. Additionally I have sent them a screendump from the t&t, telling them that I don’t believe that they have sent the order.

The only time that I have experienced DX working fast was when they took money from the account…

I will now give them one last chance… if they fail again I will ask my bank to retract my money, having plenty of emails showing that I have tried everything to receive my order.

If anyone would ask me about shopping at DX my answer would be: DON’T.

I just took delivery of a couple of small items I ordered from DX. It took 14 working days to get to me. If I had opted for registered mail, it probably would’ve been a few days faster. Perhaps it was because my order had nothing to do with batteries?? :~

At 14days, you got lucky customs let it go.

Registered or not, it may or may not arrive faster. My registered orders were stuck like 2-3 weeks with China customs before being released. They're not related to batteries either. It's crazy nowadays with that new battery law.

It's MUCH MUCH easier that they just outlaw Ultrafire batteries from being produced. Those are the ones that keep exploding.

Delivery times from DX varies, mostly I get stuff within 1 month, but I have just received two packages that has been nearly two months in the mail.

If the main culprit is china post, then anything ordered form anywhere in china is bound to be slow, not just DX.
I’ve got a flashlight on the way, ordered from Int’l Outdoor store. I sure hope it doesn’t take too long… :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate it when we pay a premium for jet plane service and get some old guy in a dingie fetching them.Seems it happens with most suppliers over ther at the moment.The common denominator slowing the goods is the shipping & customs i think.Which is iratic at best.The toss of a coin is more accurate than guessing the parcels ETA.Open a claim regardless,its no biggie and your covered.


Yes. All incoming parcels to me for the past 3 weeks has not been received. There's about 10 or so of them from various sources - ebay, BIC etc.

I haven't even received my BLF Mini yet and that's using "faster" option with extra $$$.

I too find it weird that DX is so much slower than most others… I’m still waiting for 4 lion batteries that were shipped on September 8th! And during the last 4 weeks I have ordered stuff from other chinese vendors and most of them have taken 2 to 3 weeks to arrive, for example 4 lion batteries from Intl-Outdoor, ordered October 24th and received November 7th… :slight_smile:
Although I’m sure that DX will refund them to me if they are completely lost… 0:)

So, now I confronted DX again with the missing order. This time I received the following answer:

“We regret to inform you that your package RA5113xxxxxCN was sent back to us.
As claimed by China Post, it’s not authorized due to its unqualified packaging.
But please don’t worry, we have had your order repackaged and dispatched with new tracking number RQ1308xxxxxSG.
Thank you for your patience!”

Well, first of all, I never had a package with number RA5113xxxxxCN!
Secondly, the “new” tracking number RQ1308xxxxxSG is the same as the old one!
Finally, none of the two tracking numbers can be found at any tracking website!
(and how can they thank me for my patience as I have abslutely none left! :expressionless: )

It is my clear impression that this excuse (“due to its unqualified packaging”) is a common way to buy themselves time.

It is also my impression that they lie, are deceptive and would tell you anything to keep you as a customer.

Well, now I have given DX a final date to deliver my order - after this I will ask my bank to retract my money due to the fact that I have paid for an item which I have not received…

50 something days since it was "shipped" and am still waiting for my package... a few days ago I got upset with the usual "please wait more" response from DX and I escalated the claim with PayPal... funny how DX is the only one with the shipping problems and the excuses... I have bought stuff on ebay from chinese sellers during this period, and they arrived within 2-3 weeks of the purchase...