DealExtreme extremely slow once again

Well, now DX has insulted me by sending me an email with a confirmation request! |(

They continue claiming that they have dispatched the order. However, I have now tried to track the order on several tracking sites - none of them can find or has any ‘knowledge’ about my order.

I find it most likely that they have still not dispatched my order, and that they only hope that I will give up and forget about the order and the money…

My last DX order from the middle of October only took around 2 weeks to arrive, which is pretty quick since it spent about a week with customs.

In any case, if they shipped it out quickly, they've done their job. Part of free shipping is accepting whatever shipping service is cheapest for the seller. If that's not acceptable, then there's cnqualitygoods which separates their product pricing from the pricing of a variety of shipping services.

At the end of October DX told me to wait another couple of weeks... today being on day 63 I got this lame message:

Dear customer,

We apologize for this long delay in the delivery process. We have requested the Post to track this package via offline methods. It's very common to see packages not scanned by destination Post Offices while packages are still normally en-route and delivered. We will get back to you as soon as further confirmation received from the post office (around one to two weeks).

Thank you for your understanding and patience.


So "dear customer, be fracking patient and wait for another 2 weeks, I was not willing and still am not willing to do anything about it, I don't consider 60+ days to be a big deal..."

There is not tracking since the item was send with plain post... and as usual DX is making excuses instead of providing actual customer support... It's a shame, earlier this year I thought that their service improved...

I think 60 days should be considered missing already. What happened to your PP dispute? Still open? Then you may just have to escalate to claim, you will have around another 30 days before PP refund your money.

I'm not defending any seller now, but China post is DEFINITELY working on LIFO (Last in First out) mode right now. The peak being somewhere around 10-20 October - I have been receiving all my package in exact DESCENDING order from that date. I still haven't received my mid Oct orders, yet my early November ones has arrived.

Tracking confirmed they're all in China - even now - in some government official office or something (bad translations). So who knows, your stuff is probably stuck there as mine does

I’ve kinda gone off DX since my last order took 85 days to arrive. Heck its no fun wishing your life away just so you can rip open that yellow packet. I decided to pay more and try CNQG for some spares and batteries a couple of weeks ago, the parcel was in my house in a insane 8 days flat. Not 8 days since shipping but 8 days from ordering. Fastest ever parcel from china :slight_smile: I’ve ordered a 4000k xml today so let’s see if they can repeat that amazing service.

Don’t know if this is related. I put in an order on 11/2 (11 AM) and got the shipped notice at (9 PM) the same day! (Times are all in my local time.) Never had the same day shipped notice before. As of yesterday (11/21) no package.

Got it today (11/23). The Hong Kong stamp on the envelope says: “9.11.12”, seeming to say actual shipping date by DX was 11/9, not 11/2, unless Hong Kong post office stamps when it mails out, not when it receives packages. Or Hong Kong post office takes 7 days to process packages.

DX use Singpost to deliver to South Africa. All of the suppliers I use tend to take this option.
I put an order in for a TR-J12 and some other bits and it’s stood for 8 days at the ‘information received’ level on the tracking site. I received a mail from DX on the 15th stating it had shipped. I mailed DX yesterday morning, but, as yet, haven’t had a reply. Usually the ‘information received’ stays for max 3 days…