Different models with T6 Flashlight as low as 4.99USD

15 x Led T6 Flashlight as low as 59.99 USD

Not including shipping ($2.24 or higher, depends on flashlight). Not really a deal.

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Are these cells really genuine Sanyo and Panasonic? There are no 4000mAh UR18650FM:

4800mAh NCR18650B (!!):

O no, another online chinese goodies shop !?

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Those must be the new “Arbitrary” batteries I have been hearing about! The ones where you pick an arbitrary value for the capacity. True to form, nothing is ever as they say it is…

Great Dealer!

No no no … i checked them thoroughly . these sanyo of dealetic . verdict : fake !!! i ordered 40 units and im using them already 35 cycles . the batteries give 0.8ah insted of 2.5ah . its not worth it even for the low price of dealmetic . Do not buy !!!

ps payment went to supplier named million power group limited . beware of this name also

the sanyo as i wrote are fake .
the panasonic are ok but their price went up at dealmetic so its no longer cheap to buy them there

Welcome to BLF! :party: Sorry to hear you bought so many and they’re fake. :frowning:

ya that’s 8$ including shipping for a flashlight i can buy on ebay for 5$.
ebay that not like dealmetic has full refund customer protection
and as i see in the picture this model dos not look to me like t6, t-6 is 5mm chip