Deals/coupons for Baofeng UV 5R?

Does anyone know of any deals or coupons for the UV 5r from one of the Chinese vendors? (GB/BG preferred)

Thanks, and have a super weekend!

Looked for the Baofeng UV5R TP (8W) and found the best deal on ebay, actually. The seller was nextbigthink (Sainstore’s ebay presence) and the price was by far the best compared to other stores / platforms. I believe I paid 25 for the entire set, brand-new including Lithium battery and a data cable.

Ah, seems to be an EU only store. Too bad, but thanks for sharing. Much appreciated.


There are many stores for Baofeng products! Sainstore sells on a global scale, into almost any country. Then there is the 409 store, or Amazon (almost all sellers also do business there).