death of skyrayking

Due to lattice brights' disruption in the flashlight word, is it now hopeless to find a real cree sky ray king at a decent price?

Not necessarily, but if it's selling for ~$20 then you are likely to get LB emitters, floating on a wafer-thin board that is sticky-taped to the reflector.

If all else fails put in an order w/ Mountain Elec. for genuine Cree emitters on DTP boards. Yes, more $$ but way better light. JMHO.

What Gurthang said.

Does mt ship free worldwide ?

Is his M6 an answer to the three emitter light drought?

I have the Mountain Electronics M6 Supfire with the XM-L2 U41C emitters with the option 2 pack and it is just glorious.

Build quality, light output is immense at 4000 lumens and is very heavily heatsinked.

This light has far more throw than any of my Skyray Kings.

Highly recommended even at the higher price than a standard Skyray King.

Just checked the mtn products and they are great but a

Bit expensive for budget use. Was thinking sub 30$ srk with real cree

Solarstorm T4 4*CREE XM-L U2 as an alternative.I don’t have one but the reviews on Banggood seem promising Anyone have the latest model? I’d like to buy a genuine 2000+ for a good price. The MTN model looks great but out of my price range.

I was able to place the mountain electronics supfire M6 into my cart without selecting any options for $40. At least you know that the light will have a solid shelf and genuine LED's.

I have a Solarstorm Warrior XML U2 in as new condition if you are interested. Not sure of what the postage to the Phillipines is from Oz. PM me if interested.

Honestly I don’t really care if I buy a SRK without genuine Cree leds since they will be swapped out regardless of what they are (obviously others will care, not to mention the dishonesty of the seller).

To me the only thing that really matters is a solid LED shelf, which it seems few have.

i think they do. a fellow kabayan buys from mtn.

an m6 with option 1 is better then srk with an unknown cree.also it has 7 leves vs 3 levels of srk. more usable IMO.

It’s the old “you get what you pay for” thing. Sub $30 SRKs are most likely clones, with poor, low powered drivers and no real LED shelf, so if modding is what you want, then a sub $30 one will give you a host that you can spend another $30 on, modding it, to make it into a fair light. In reality, the RMM light, is the best option, as it will be already done the right way, better than stock and bright as hell. It’s all in what one wants. A sub $30 good SRK is probably just a pipe dream nowadays. If you find ones that say XML-T6, then they are probably original Cree leds, if the lights are old stock. The seller should be able to tell you that much and if they can’t, try somewhere else.

Shipping would be at least 10$ i think so will cost more to buy it from you

Hmmmm, i guess you have a point. Will settle with the supfire then.

Is shipping free?

the original Skyray King with the torrid-driver is probably impossible to find these days from any seller.
Even the “good” clones that modded well, including those that used the JB driver, and the Securitying version are probably gone like the original. Most all of the ones i see now from sellers now are the bottom-of-the-barrel crap clones with no heatsinking, a weak driver, painted-on bad finish, and the nauseating Latticebright fake XM-L LEDs.

Arrrgggghhhhhh . . .

Nope! Shipping to my country is about USD15