decen budget bright thrower

Well I originally started this thread I was looking for a solid copper sink pad for a Trust fire TR-J12 with XML2-U2’S and d king the BEAST driver mod for a friend of mine, But then Thank fully several members spoke up and told me the TR-J12 was a flooder and what he is looking for is something that has throw but not a pencil beam something like a standard C8 but something something In the 4000 lumen area and that was drew him to the modded TR-J12 WITH the beast driver all under 100.00$ USA I don’t think he has a form factor preference just a dollar preference okay thanks in Advance.

A modded lustfire may do it.

A well modded TR-J19 would do it as well. It has 3 emitters, deep reflectors. But for a 4,000+ lumens light that throws for under $100, hhmmmmmm. Throwers are almost all single emitters, therefore under 2,000 lumens. Here:, but could probably be done with higher output with a better driver.

If he wants a good thrower, then something along the lines of a mod'ed HD2010 with the dome may do - about 100kcd and 1,500 lumens, but no where near 4,000.

I think TR-19 will be his ticket I’ll show him I think this is the most reasonable