Decent for $.99

Here is a decent AA light for only .$99 shipped.

I guess it beats the Delight when it comes to price... at least for you US guys.

Hi there Atlas, welcome to the site, and thanks for the tip here!

Well, they just keep driving the price down don't they? This is a different body style that we are accustomed to for this class of AA budget lights. I love the picture of the running light submerged in a glass of water, good marketing there. Would someone in the USA like to forgo their morning cup of coffee to scrounge up the funds to buy one of these?

Well i just ordered it for my stepson, its a shame that it would not let me order 2 of them.

I think it does not reach the decent category...

Review here.

Oh well for my son and me giving it too him he will be more then pleased, and for 99cents and he breaks the light its not a loss at all.

I have one of these. I think I paid around $1.50. It is equal to the $1.48 lights everyone was raving about on that other site. I have several of the 1.48 ones and I ordered another of these since they went down to a buck. Nice to keep on in all the vehicles and strategically around the house. I gave quite a few away to friends and relatives too, didn't get any complaints yet. :)

Hey Al, let us know how this torch works out when you get it.

But of course.....ill play with it and make sure everything is tight before i give it to Taylor.......

You're such a good Step-Dad. 8)

Well he's been bugging me about it, last year about this time we were at the beach looking for crabs and the light that i gave him a Romisen RC-A3 fell of his wrist......the waves were harsh that night so the current took the light away and away.......Im hoping this light will suffice for now.

At least it won't be a big deal if he breaks or loses it. Wink

Of course not.....and thats a good and wonderful thing.

My Niece, nephew and grand-nephew will be here this Sunday and I plan on giving them some flashlights and rechargeable batteries. I could just picture what this place will look like everytime the sun goes down. :D