Decided to join the stupid bandwagon and ordered from Gearbest

Yes, I ignored all the anti-Gearbest posts. I figured I wasn’t going ot get burned for much just buying a $1.79 item. I think I paid more for the faster shipping option :smiley:

Their confirmation email says “You can use this number to check the shipping progress and location of the package on America Line(IB). ”

and include a link to this “American Line(IB)” (???) tracking tool, which was just a link back to a generic Gearbest webpage that says shipping times vary. I didn’t have a way to enter the shipping number they gave me. Are they just flat out retarded? Maybe it’s me. :~

They are not entirely bad. currently most of my orders get to me within 20-25 days. good enough. BG is similar and ebay seller vary depending on item/location. I had the worst experience over Christmas with Aliexpress where 20% of packages are above 40 days (all from top-rated sellers).

I just wanna know why they sent me a link to check my shipping status yet the link doesn’t go to a page that can do this?

My orders shipped through IB have typically arrived quicker than regular untracked mail, but it never tracks with the IB number. If you’re registered with USPS or Fedex delivery manager, you’ll get a notification once the package arrives onshore and a label is generated with a new tracking number. I’ve not found a way to correlate the IB number with the actual tracking number, but I’ve gotten everything ordered so far. It just takes awhile.


I found this tracking website that works with the American Line (IB) tracking numbers.

International Bridge, Inc

Works pretty well, although international tracking is notoriously sparse. Once it makes it into the mail, it’ll generate another tracking number which you can use through USPS/UPS.

These are the sites I use to track all my packages internationally. They must use different tracking engines because the information varies from time to time when I’m tracking the same package.

I don’t know what the American IB thing is, but I hope this helps.

I ordered a Keeppower 18650 battery for about £5 and paid ~10p extra for fast shipping. It took 5 days to arrive once shipped! And it arrived via Royal mail signed for mail, very good. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had any issues with them—but I have only ordered single item types
in each order.
Mostly the original GB SF-348’s (13 of them!) -which are great!

That's what I use as well. 17track doesn't work for IB tracking, at least the 4 or 5 times I've tried it.

Neither the email link, nor the order page tracking link work or have worked for months... laziness from gearbest. Do note that it is highly probable that even though they give you a tracking number it may take a week or two before it is actually sent into the mailing system, and then the tracking updates may or may not start showing up after that.

Thanks buddy. This is probably what Gearbest meant to link me to but they don’t do so well at the html.