Dedomed my TN31

Well I finally decided to mod my TN31…
First step: Dedoming
Second step: Mod the driver (not done yet)

And here are the results:

Whitewall beamshots (much warmer and brighter!)

Then I took it outdoor and took these pictures:

Nothing special right? Just barely see that there are buildings.

Here a picture by daylight:

Not really impressing for a TN31 right?

Okay these pictures are zoomed in!

The real distance drawn on the map here:

About 1300 meters!!

And finally without any zoom:

Love it! <3 :smiley:

Wonder whats happens, when I mod the driver…


wow! good work!!


I’m keeping both my TN31 stock. That way if I do decide to sell one it will be way easier to sell.

Forget to mention:
It is not the XM-L2 version… Will put a dedomed one in there later.

I got a XM-L2 U2 1A de-domed, on the original copper star though (removed the kapton tape, used AS5), and did the resistor mod published here, and got 347 kcd measured at 4.3 meters though -- still, that's 1178 meters, though the 347 may be low.

If you de-domed the stock LED, figure double or a little better the stock # of 125-135 kcd, so 270-280 kcd, or so, you are probably getting.