Definition of a budget light?




Obviously as inflation and currency fluctuations happen this will vary - perhaps needing review every year or two. I'm inclined to say US$25 at present. Any thoughts?

Perhaps bracketing or if it is excellent value, a few dollars more?

For me two of the current best deals are the UniqueFire AA-S1 at $9.99 and the Ultrafire C3 Stainless Steel Q5 at under $15.

Just a few random thoughts

It seems like to me it is the source of the light more than the price: KaiDomain, DealExtreme, BestOfferBuy, etc. There are lights that are inexpensive like the iTP A3 EOS or Maglites but do not bear the shame of being considered a budget light.

Yes, in my opinion it's the source of the light that constitutes it as a "Budget Light". Other flashlight forums seem to look down on Chinese sellers. Admittedly, Dealextreme, Kaidomain, and numerous smaller foreign sellers are slow and disorganized, but they are also cheap and sell some very high quality products. This forum is mainly to discuss those lights, although it was also created because the moderators are rather heavy-handed on some other forums. So don't worry too much about price limits, just discuss whatever you consider to be a good deal on some of the lesser known high-value flashlights.

Just wanted to be sure we were agreed on what a budget light was. Your definition suits me just fine.

I just got a few lights from DX and was pleasantly surprised by the Uniquefire S10 - it is way brighter than I thought it was at first. The numbers from it were higher than the ultrafire C3 Q5 stainless steel which surprised me as it won't set your hands on fire. I have a preliminary review up on ( Willl write up both reviews properly and post them here.

Thanks very much, I'd really appreciate some reviews here. I have some reviews I need to post as well.

I think a "Budget Light" is one that is a good value for the money. A Honda is a good car and a Porsche is a good car. The Honda is a budget car for the most part. Functionally it does the same thing as a Porsche. It gets you to work and to the grocery store. Anything that costs more than a Honda isn't a Budget Car. The additional cost has to do with luxury, status, nice to have rather than need to have features.

In my opinion, I have a budget dive light from DX that was $95. To get similar features I could have gotten a Barbolight from Spain for $700. The build quality of the Barbolight is better but the output is the same and the DX light works quite well with a little tinkering. If you dive and are on a budget (are frugal for whatever reason) the DX light is a budget light. It competes with a 10 W HID (MC-E).

Other than for diving however I personally have a hard time spending more than $25 on a flashlight. I bought a Uniquefire L2 with XP-G R5 for $23. Through my own fault (I guess) I fried the emitter and through impatience I ordered a Thrunite replacement drop-in for $35 so ultimately that same light became a 50 some dollar light!

I don't buy SST-50, 90 or greater lights in general because they aren't budget and in my case aren't needed. I don't think budget has anything to do with where they came from and to me doesn't connotate "crap".

I never know until the Visa bill arrives.

If my wife still talks to me, it was a budget light. If she either talks really loud (or not at all) it wasn’t.

If it fits in my budget, it’s a budget light. Lol

I think any light of decent quality that costs less than $30 is a budget light. By decent I mean reliable and is able to take a few knocks without falling apart.
Cheap, badly-made lights, not matter how inexpensive don’t really qualify IMO. In the long run they’re just going to cost you more in replacements.