DEFT EDC VS The new Dereelight DBS V3 Vs Tiablo A9 R2

I just bought a DEFT EDC and I have the DBS and the A9 will it out throw both of those?

Well no since and repeating your question since I now see you already ask that. Where is 2100? You are being called buddy.

Rick, you made a good find. Glad I could help out. And your welcome.

I have no idea, but I sure hope you post pictures of a comparison :)

Thank you ILIKEFLASHLIGHTS for telling me about the killer deal on the DEFT....=)

Your welcome. I just knew I could get you to buy another light. LOL! It worked like a charm. And you saved some money.

Yes you saved me some money, but I still want to buy more but I am tapped out...

Is this the DDB with a reflector or an aspheric head. If it’s the reflector what is the diameter of the reflector and what emitter is used in the V3. Also what is the head diameter of the A9 and is that with reflector or aspheric head?
The DEFT EDC supposedly puts out 40kcd.

Both DBs and the A9 have aspherical lens

If the diameter of those lenses is in the 50mm range as I recall then they will throw further than the DEFT. The DEFT will throw further than anything with a similar diameter however.
The beauty of the DEFT (EDC) is the throw considering its relatively small size. As I said it should do 40Kcd.
I thought I saw from 2100’s post that the DBS with turbo head will do 90kcd or so.

Thank you for your time in this..much appreciated.

Even though the DEFT “only” does 40kcd and the DBS aspheric does 90kcd (as I recall…may be wrong) the DEFT will still be impressive.
Throw is governed by the inverse square law so it takes an increase of 4x to get 2x the throw.
In other words using .25 lux as the measure for throw a reading of 40kcd would indicate throw of 400 meters and a reading of 90kcd would indicate throw of 600 meters.

The DEFT EDC is a P60 sized light (it's a Sky Ray budget host that's somewhat modded internally for better heat dissipation i believe). Your Dereelight DBS is either 60k cd or 90+ k cd depending on which emitter. Not sure about the Tiablo.

I thought it says Deft is the farthest throwing light made. So did I just waste my money?

Edit: I have the newest EZ900 pill, for the DBS, I just got it from Jay at FlashlightConnection. My Tiablo has the R2 with Aspherical head

In the absolute sense, it is not the farthest throwing light.... but basically for P60 form factor, that is the farthest throwing light ever made, yes. It is useful in the real world as well, as a P60 is definitely pocketable. A DBS aspheric with its 53mm external head diameter is pretty big, it can be EDCed in a holster though.

The DEFT-edc is the first true pocket spotlight. It utilizes a custom short focal length glass aspheric lens for high throughput and an extremely intense beam. In fact it has the most intense beam in the world that money can buy for its size class. With typical performance of 40K cp it can easily light up to several hundred feet.

Saabluster has an extreme light that can do 700k cd. But physics still rules, it is no match for big reflectored auto-type HIDs and certainly not big reflectored HMI. You cannot drag race a F1 car with a nitromethane dragster.

So, it depends. Sealed My bet is that i'd prefer the DBS as 90k cd is no joke, it's not that big anyway also and it's much cheaper. I have not seen what kind of mods is done to the Sky Ray, but then the Dereelight is a good host, pretty good HA and machining etc.... it's not budgetlight quality.

That is a big price to pay for the best P60 thrower on a relative cheap host, I hope it is a little laser for the price.

I didn't buy it brand new, I got it off ebay and it looks Brand new. I think I got a hell of a deal.....

For used, i think you got a good price too Rikr. But of course you'd need to have a specific use for that.

I just am a collector more than anything. Just take some of them out and shine them at some trees pretty far away and puts a smile on my face. I look at it this way to at least it's something that you can resell if ever needed so also it's like a savings account...=)

Since you are in the USA, that shouldn't be too much of an issue. :)

Somebody just bought a like new SR51 at a steal of a price.