DEFT-X ... Wow!

That’s got to be one awesome light Michael. I know how bad a POB is. Heck even a 85watt HID flashlight I have is one awesome thrower at 185KCd. Thanks for the reply. The new one I have coming today has a said to be by the owner a 4200K bulb in it. I’m guessing it’s probably a 4300K instead. I paid $40 shipped for it.

this would be a awesome light to take to glacier point, and then point it at Yosemite valley below, I have been dreaming of a light that can do that. Would i get in trouble? maybe :bigsmile:

Correcting myself... it seems like it's a lens?

The beam profile looks kind of like the M3LT.

The beam appears even more focused that with a large aspheric lens.

Wish I could afford one of these beasts, it's a shame I can't rent one for a test drive :p

i kind of skimmed through that same article before posting. i didnt really see any talk about what it is exactly, but only what the effects of it is

It is a hemispherical reflector with the top lopped off to allow light to escape. The DEFT-X itself is an aspheric light just like all the DEFTs that came before it.

i was reading” this”:Flashlight Optics - Dome, Dedoming and Throw the other day and i was actually wondering if something like this would work or just hurt the performance.

well done sir

I just have to say… WOW.
To think that this is done by a ordinary man and not a big name company.

I salute you, sir.

So in simplified terms, you could say the idea (obv. not the execution) behind the RLT collar lies somewhere between turbochargers, blowers, and afterburners in the sense that the RLT process redirects light emitted at wide-angles back to the emitter in order to boost flux out the front?

likeaboss, amen to that. Saabluster’s work is real innovation. I’m extremely impressed that he’s accomplishing things in areas typical companies have failed to innovate.

Saab claims the beam has a 1.4 degree divergence.

1.4 degrees.

That’s almost a laser.


In fact, the Spyder 3 Krypton laser has a divergence of 1.5mRad, or 0.86 degrees. Two thirds as much as the DEFT-X. Just a little narrower and it would have the same throw properties as a laser. Even the RLT tech is similar to how a laser works… bounce the light around until it collimates enough.

However, the Krypton is rated at 41km of throw, while the DEFT-X is “only” ~2km. Probably because the Krypton starts out with a 2mm beam and the DEFT-X (presumably) has a minimum beam width of a few cm.

So, it basically is a laser, only wider.

If anyone gets one of these, please be careful… not only could you make people permanently blind by shining it at them, but even just looking at the hotspot could hurt the eyes. At 1m, its hotspot is nine times as intense as direct noon sunlight. Ouch.

Wow! Unbelievable results! Saabluster my most sincere congratulations for achieving such results!

I really really would like to save enough money to own one. I'll try... only future will tell.


I think this is a reasonable explanation.

But, I think even a flashaholic understands that $600.00 for an LED light is a wee bit expensive. I’m not suggesting for a moment that it’s not worth the price, however. If it can live up to the specs it certainly is worth it.

It’s just that it takes a certain leap of faith to put out that much money on a light that is untested. Like you, most of us are not able to spend that kind of money lightly, let alone on a flashlight which is really an unnecessary luxury for most of us.

Another custom light maker has had a few of his lights tested and they have not lived up to his claimed specs, so I think it’s fair for someone to be somewhat skeptical.

Having said that, I tend to rely more on the consensus of opinion among forum members than I do on independent reviews. If it’s glowing, I may even invest in one myself!

I wish you much success with your new light.

Given what I’ve read on BLF and CPF over the past year, and his status as the world record holder for five years, I’m inclined to believe Saabluster’s claims.

However, although I was very tempted, I’m not planning to buy the DEFT-X. While reading through discussion about it and pondering a purchase, a red flag went up in my head… Danger, Will Robinson! I realized that its beam is so intense that I’d probably end up hurting someone with it, or hurting myself, completely by accident. I don’t want that.

I think it’s just too much flashlight for me to handle.

That’s easy! Buy one and ship it to me. I’ll handle it for you. :wink:

Love it!

I want one :slight_smile: Amazing light.

Only 600 smackeroos and it’s yours! If throw floats your boat, it’s probably worth it. You’ll be the only kid on the block with one.

All my lights are flooders. My Shadow SL3 throws the furthest, so that will tell you.
I’d like a super thrower to add to the collection, but I don’t have that kind of money these days :frowning:

Maybe a group buy/share :slight_smile:

What’s also interesting to note is his TN31mb, also just being released, also has that same 1.4 degree beam divergence. It just doesn’t have the aspheric lens in front to move it quite as far down range as the DEfT-X. It does still manage about 8/10 of a mile.
Saabluster’s lights are just simply amazing.

So if you were only going to buy one which would it be?

It would be the TN31mb. In fact I did buy one :slight_smile:
Still another week or two before delivery though. However, I am still very tempted with the DEFT-X. Doing my hardest to keep away from it. It’s very hard. Both lights are awesome - a 8/10 mile reflector light and a 1.18 mile aspheric light. The TN31mb does have the advantage of having spill so it can be used for real flashlight duty. So I opted for it.