“I’ll take Computer Keyboards for $400, Alex.”

Null and void

What? I’ve never known HKJ to do a “Delete” thread! Something new every day, it seems! :stuck_out_tongue:

Something went wrong when I posted the review and instead of having two review tread I changed one to a “Delete” and it is much more popular than the review :smiley:

Oh yeah, we love our “Delete” threads around here! I think it’s because there’s not much pressure to stay “on topic” and we can “chatter” all we want! :laughing:

and it doesn’t even look like it’s loaded

Can it be fixed? lol!

Was that a Range Rover? A Subaru would of survived… :smiley:

That looks like it will buff right out (said the Craigslist seller)

You know how to tell when a Range Rover is low in oil?
The puddle under it stops getting larger!

I miss 1969

I miss the English kitchen ads…

:person_facepalming: :slight_smile: :laughing: