Nope, just nope. :partying_face:

Is this a good place to post pithy witticisms, or should I just stick to posting witty pithicisms?

Is there any other kind?

Once thy thread is made, thy thread shall not be deleteth. Thee should know better.

Threads have feelings too, you know?
An abandoned thread, when given a bit of TLC, can evolve into a valuable part of this forum.

Edit: please, thread lightly!

Here we go again, LOL. :sunglasses:

He deletes me, he deletes me not. He deletes me, he deletes me not.

Uncle Otis deleted himself!

“Delete” or “please delete” is the most popular thread title on BLF.
Just rename it “The have fun thread” :wink:

This thread is hanging on by a thread!