Dereelight Night Master Review

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Spanish and Italian reviews coming soon:)

excellent review thank you

Thanks. Looks like it would make a good cloud watcher.

Thanks guys, sucks the images decided not to reveal themselves here,


Italian and Spanish Reviews posted:


Many thanks, Firelord. Would be mighty interesting to see a comparison between the NMaster and the XSearcher.
I’ve been kind of leaning toward the XSearcher using an XML, but the lack of decent reviews makes me a little hesitant.
I usually rely on the excellent reviews, right here on BLF by all the flashlight gurus :slight_smile: before making any major purchases.

Hey Banglabob,

Thanks for the compliments:)

I totally understand what you mean, I also too would want reviews before making any sort of purchase:) Unfortunately, I don’t have an Xsearcher, I’ll see if I can get a hold of one and review it:)

However, from what I’ve heard, the head is bigger, and has around 95K of lux, a marginal and negligible decrease from the Night Master. But runtime is decreased, and the beam is a bit larger in size and more useful for closer ranges compared to the Night Master. With an XR-E though, I’ve heard it can go over 125K of lux. These specs aren’t confirmed though, but makes sense:)

Cheers my friend,

The reason I mention the XSearcher with the xml is basically, tint. While I love the performance of the DBS V3 (aspherical head), I’m not too crazy about the tint. Compared to my STL-V2 Skyray (which doesn’t throw as far) it’s much too cool. I really like the tint of the Skyray and consider it one of my better purchases :D. Just looking for something of similar tint that throws further without breaking the bank :stuck_out_tongue: