[Design with Terry]Wurkkos TS32 15000+ Lumens Flashlight Concept

In that case we may not be able to push full power of both at the same time, not sure I am correct.

This part is great, but not sure how it sound to TK, FYI, TK has very limited time to work, so huge change may take even longer time. We don’t want you to wait a long time, that is why we launch plan B, dual switch.

That would be superb complicated but cool.

Love the concept and the emitters seem like a good selection, but please source them in neutral white to offer that option!

As others have said, a handle would be nice, very few of these soda can lights come with a handle, or have an option for one.
The handle can be sold seperatly to keep the price lowest for those who don’t want it.

Have it attach around the battery tube like the Nitecore handles, then we can locate it over the switch:

It appears they’re putting a threaded hole for tripod mount on the back side, then at least so we could make our own handle, as I did for my Q8…
But you can’t use the switch:

Sold separately handle mount to the tail, I didn't think of that, I like it.
So now My wild Idea base on that and current design, to allow for it.
Make that grooves on the battery tube at angle, and make a big thread out of it. The handle would just screw in it, and have a holes (3 or 4) for couples screws or something, to threads through it, and go in that 7 or 8 (from render i count 7) larger oblong groves in battery tube. So you can lock it into place, that holes in base of the handle would have to be long vertically, so you can lock the handle directly over the switches. That design could allow that. That Nitecore have just 2 part base handle, but i think it's weak, you just need a long vertical hole of size of length between the large oblong groves )
Of course, the portion before the start of the grooves on the battery tube, would have to be shallower, than threads.
That design would allow for the handle to be moved closer, and further, from the switches, as well, to move right and left from them. So we can have one handle for large and small hands, and you can move the center of gravity to your preferable spot, for handle.
And the locking screws would not be load bearing, it could be screws with rubber tip, to not scratch surface. Or some other type of rotation locking mechanism.

There Is also one handle design that would work with the current design, just have a hinge, and a screw, to lock the base of it to the tube.

Ps. saw this now, a TIR optic, and single battery (which is probably bad idea, but then again, he probably used his NOCTIGON K9.3 base)


Pps. and we are getting close cheaper and better version of fenix LR40r


Any updates?

How about an LEP in the center? I haven’t seen that yet -

A tripod mount would be a good addition. Sustained brightness >2000lm should be aimed for.

Yes, now we are making prototype, please stay tuned

It’s great to know that, this flashlight looks spectacular.


XHP50.3 Flat LED use in center emitter, seems a good choice :slight_smile:

I heard rumors about the XHP50.3 but I didn’t know there would be a flat version. What can expect from this emitter and how would it compare to something like the SFT40?

So far I am loving everything about this prototype and I look forward to it’s release. If I could suggest one thing, it would be to offer SST-20 2700k for the flood emitters. Keep up the awesome work!



I think its important to at least offer high cri sst20’s in the outer ring. High cri / nicer tint is important in a flood beam, less so in a thrower.

Better will be LH351D 90CRI. It is more floody compared to SST20 and have great choise of colors compared to only 4000K for SST. Also LH351D has better efficiency compared to SST20.

we decided use LH351D for flood finally

That sounds great!

Any news about this model?

Xhp50.3 HI in the center does sound like a great idea!