designing a driver ?

Im just wondering is there a open source for a adjustable driver that can range from 1A to say 7amps+ ???

if not does anyone no if there is a company that can help me design a board/parts ?

any input is welcome again i dont no much on drivers but im willing to try to get a good driver made for us Flashlight builders and that does not cost $35+ each


Pick two :wink:

On topic,more info is needed if you want to get an answer.
Input-output voltage,size?

Also, you say open source… do you mean open source software, hardware, or both? Are you happy with developing an open source firmware for an existing [proprietary] driver, such as the LD-29?

something like this but not copying his driver!
i like the size and it will be used in larger lights so for me ill be using 3+ 18650 battery’s, for size 16-20mm ?