Desoldered a couple 7135s, 1 pin seems to just come completely off

Is this normal? I want to reuse the 7135s but a pin seems to detach itself during resolve. This happened on 2 7135s so far. Seems like it’s not even part of the chip. Pic attached

7135 7135 - Album on Imgur

I want to stack them on the other side of a qlite driver, can I still?

Try using flux and hot air?

Seen the imgur photo? Looks likenits designed this way? So weird…

The chip itself is mounted on the center pin. The other 2 “legs” are just stuck into the epoxy with teenytiny wires connecting to the pads on the chip. Looks like you tried pulling the chip off when that one leg was still kinda stuck, and off it came.

Ooh, here ya go (just an example)…

Ahh crap, so they are attached internally. Dang. Now I need to order new ones, thanks for this!