Did I induce failure of my Olight H2R?

Seems as if failed shortly after I used it on it standing on its magnetic tailcap on a slightly curved steel surface. I recall something about a different tailcap offering with a diode, back in 2017 when I got the light,but did not pursue obtaining one . I really liked it even though turbo was only possible when the battery was new and fully charged.

At that time it failed, I tried a different battery in it, and it worked, once, going through low, medium, and high, but when i turned it off and tried to turn it back on a minute later, nothing, and nothing ever since.

I’ve not done anything to diagnose it, I replaced it with an Armytek c2 promax warm, and have a Sofirn HS40 en route, and some cheaper backups, as well. It will still charge the battery via the tailcap.

When the H2R failed, I was without a backup headlamp, and really needed one. I Ziptied an 18650 holder to an ancient harbor freight 3x aaa led headlamp to get me through a few task, instead of holding a Sipik 68 clone in my lips.

I like the headband of the H2R more than the Armytek’s and use the C2 in the Olight headband, but rotating it up or down with strap stretched over is difficult.

I am willing to try and diagnose/ experiment with teh H2R, to return it to function, but replacing components on driver is likely well beyond my skills, if I could even get it apart without damage.

I found this interesting in the great review by zak.wilson: Review and safety evaluation: Olight H2R